Monday, 7 October 2013

Reminiscing the 90s..

Over the weekend, hubby and I watched 周星驰's movies: 月光宝盒, 仙履奇缘 and 食神. These were the crap and funny movies which we had watched  many times during our teenage years and this triggered us talking on a topic: Our favorite TV dramas, movies and artistes when we were young. Lol.. Brought back many funny memories.

Eh.. In case you thought I am very old.. No ah.. It's the late 90s and early 00s that I was in my teenage years. I was too young to understand anything in the early 90s ok.

Yeah.. So we started on this topic and one of my favorite TV drama was 我和僵尸有个约会.. I was crazy over this and I liked 况天佑 and 马小玲. I even learnt 马小玲's 九字真言 (临,兵,斗,者,皆,阵,列,在,前,诸邪!)and the 手势. It was amazing that I still can remember these words and the hand signs and showed my hubby. Lol.. And I especially liked 马小玲's costumes! Anyway, that time when I watched this drama, I thought  况天佑 (starring 尹天照) was handsome and I liked him rather than those really handsome young idols. LOL!! My friends laughed and said I liked old man. Coz he was 30+ years old when he acted in this drama and I was just in my teens. Hahaha. But I just liked Part 1 of  我和僵尸有个约会, coz I find the story of Part 2 and 3 not as good and 况天佑 looked older and a bit rounder liao, so.. Yep..

Another TV drama I liked was Hong Kong version of 西游记 and I liked the 孙悟空! Though 孙悟空 was acted by 2 different actors in Part 1 and Part 2, I liked both.  Hahaha.. Part 1 was acted by 张卫健, part 2 by 陈浩民, and I really thought the monkey was handsome. Lol! Then again, my friends said, "Why you dun like humans, you go and like monsters like vampire and monkey?!!" Lol.. Aiya. See the pictures then you judge for yourselves, handsome ma?

Then we also talked about many other famous Hong Kong TV dramas like 刑事侦缉档案,壹号皇庭,僵尸道长,妙手仁心,寻秦记 and many others. Hubby liked those 武侠小说 more, like 天龙八部 and he liked the 萧峰 in the drama. Lol. Oh, and 陈浩民 was in this 天龙八部 as 段誉. Heehee. There were also other beauty actresses that time like 朱茵,郭可颖,萱宣,黎姿 and the classic beauties 关之琳,丘淑贞,钟楚红,王祖贤. Most of them already long time didn't appear in showbiz liao.

Okay, that was like the golden times of Hong Kong dramas and movies. Nowadays, seems like Korean dramas are hotter..

And that's about it. Just felt like penning this down. Our teenage years.. Lol!

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