Monday, 21 October 2013

Foodie in London..

Before going to London, I was told that everything was so expensive in London, including food. So I searched through the net, hoping to find some cheap and yummy eats recommended by bloggers or Tripadvisor, and there're some hits and misses.

1. Bone Daddies Ramen Bar
Found this from a blogger's post and we were expecting a really yummy ramen, comparable to those we had in Singapore. We ordered the Shoyu ramen and the Tonkotsu ramen.

Shoyu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen 

Verdict? Hmm.. The ramen looked good when they were served but we were quite disappointed when we tasted it. The noodles, cha shu and the tamago eggs were good. It's the soup that disappointed us. The soup of the shoyu ramen was too salty, while the soup of the tonkotsu ramen lacked the rich aroma and fragrance of  the pork bone stock. The texture of the soup was also too sticky, not as smooth as we hoped it would be. Personally, I think the most important factor for a good ramen is the soup. Oh, it's also not quite the kind of ramen we had in Singapore. It has some additional ingredients. For example, there's some raw green leafy vegetables and diced onions in the shoyu ramen.

With the price of 9 pounds for the shoyu ramen and 11 pounds for the tonkotsu ramen, I would say it's not expensive for London standard. So if you would just like to have some hot ramen soup in the cold weather, it's still a nice place to go. One thing to note, the ramen stall is always queuing. We were there at 4 plus in the afternoon and we still queued for 15 mins.

2. Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant
This restaurant was famous for its roast duck, and for us who missed Chinese food so much, we definitely couldn't miss it. We ordered the roast duck and Cha Siew (Chinese BBQ pork). We wanted to order the roast meat too but it was sold out. Sad..

Four seasons' roast duck definitely live up to its name! It was super delicious. The skin was crispy and the fats melted in my mouth. Yums. Very sinful but heavenly. The Cha Siew was also super yummy, the meat was tender and flavourful. The sauce, we could eat the rice just with the sauce. It's a pity that the roast meat was sold out as I think it should be super yummy too. In my opinion, the standard of the roast duck and Cha Siew are hard to find even in Singapore. Oh my! I am drooling.

It has 3 branches in London. One is near the Bayswater tube station and two in London Chinatown. We went to one of the Four Seasons in Chinatown.

3. Gerrard's Corner Restaurant
We didn't plan to have any meals here. We just stumbled upon this restaurant after meeting hubby's friend in Chinatown. It turned out the dim sum was really delicious and authentic!

Lor mai kai, cheong fun, dou hua, fried carrot cake in this picture. We also ordered xiao long bao, egg tart, feng zhua etc. But when the food came, we were too excited and forgot to take pics. Haha..

Look at the oozing salted egg.. Long time no see such 正宗的流沙包!

4. Holmes Fish and Chips
This stall was like a 黑店 (a stall that cheat $$). We decided to try a plate of fish and chips here because it was raining outside and we saw the price stated on the board outside the shop had a promotion for baby cod and chips for 5.50 pounds. The fish and chips was just average. But what really pissed us off was when we made the payment, we were charged 8.60 pounds. The boss insisted that we ordered regular fish and chips instead of the baby cod. Okay, even so, from the price list, large fish and chips costs 6.70 Euros. I dun  understand how it came up to 8.60 Euros. All the boss did was act blur and didn't even bother to explain to us. Okay, we were lazy to argue with them. We got a bus to catch to go to the airport. So, my advice is totally boycott this shop.

That's all for the food we had in London. Look out for the next post, our London trip!

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