Monday, 28 October 2013

Conversation with hubby..

Hubby: Jia, next time in our Seng Kang 乐乐窝, we also cook our dinner at home okay?

Me: Huh? Go back Singapore, I need to work, how to cook? By the time I squeeze the stupid MRT, reach home already 7 plus liao. Then take out the meat to thaw and cook, you wanna eat supper instead of dinner is it? Aiya, Singapore not like here ma, Singapore everywhere also can find hawker center, just buy lor, easier.

Hubby: ...

Me: Ohh!

Hubby: What?!

Me: Unless I dun need work in Singapore, then I cook for you la. Like here, I can thaw the meat at 4, start preparing at 5 plus and have dinner at 6 plus.

Hubby: No! You have to work in Singapore.

Me: Okay, then cannot cook lor.

Hubby: We cook during weekends?

Me: Weekends meet up with friends, go back parents house, family gathering. 2 days very fast over liao lor. Where will have time to cook?

Hubby: ...

That's the reality.. :'(

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