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Liu Sha Bao

We purposely went to Vivocity on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the dim sum discount at 黑社会 (Not the mafia la, it's a restaurant).. From Monday to Saturday, between 230pm to 5pm, 30% discount on dim sum.

And we ordered this super yummy 流沙包.. Looking at the picture makes me drool... slurp slurp!


Yeah! An update to our second application of BTO flat. We got our BTO at Seng Kang! With a lucky queue number: 80. Huat ah!

We're going to HDB to pay the deposit today.. Getting poorer.. Woohoo..!

USA (part 4) - San Francisco

Finally, our last stop.. San Francisco..

We didn't really have a very detailed itinerary or highlights of places to go in San Francisco. Mainly just walking around the city, shopping, the Golden Gate Bridge and maybe a cruise around the bay.

After we checked in our hotel, it's already evening and we took a walk around the area. While walking along the streets, we saw many trams. It's cute and it makes the city more interesting. My boyfriend loves trams, and he's wondering why are there no tram service in Singapore -.-

The next day, we finally got the chance to take the tram to Fisherman's Wharf.

So squeezy in the tram -.-

After around 20 minutes, we arrived at Fisherman's Wharf and we bought the Wharfpass. It's a great deal and it includes most of the must-do activities at San Francisco. This saved us a lot of trouble in researching where to go and what to do at San Francisco. If you are planning to go SF, I would recommend getting a Wharfpass, the details c…

USA (Part 3) - Los Angeles

We arrived at Los Angeles after 2 hours of flight. The highlights of LA in our itinerary were Universal Studio, Disneyland, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills.

To be honest, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was quite a disappointment. It's no different from any other shopping street. In fact, some part of the Walk was not even a shopping street. Nothing much to see except that we kept looking at the floor to look at the stars and the names in it to see if we knew that person. Okay, maybe we were just bored, we actually did this for one whole hour while we strolled along the street.

Next, we came across Madame Tussauds and spent a good afternoon in there. There's many waxworks of historical and royal figures, film stars and sports stars. The wax sculpture of Obama was right at the entrance, welcoming us to the wax museum.

Other wax sculptures we saw includes Madonna, Britney Spears, Zac Efron, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, The Star Wars, Cameron Diaz, Iron Man suit, Stallone…

USA (Part 2) - Las Vegas

After 7 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at Las Vegas! We took a poorly-maintained Greyhound bus and it was quite uncomfortable. It was free seating and as we were one of the last few to board the bus, we had no choice but to sit right behind; at a seat that's just beside the toilet in the bus and there's some 'fragrance' when someone used the toilet -.-''' Well, that's the price to pay for taking the bus instead of a flight in order to save money.

It was a great relief when we finally arrived at Las Vegas. We took a cab to our hotel and was bitched by the cab driver because we did not give him any tips (it was not the norm in Singapore to give tips to cab drivers). Well, I guess that was a lesson learnt for not doing enough research before travelling.

We checked in to our hotel, Stratosphere, which was in the Old Vegas. All the grandeur and luxurious architectures are in the New Vegas. Of course, our hotel was cheaper than those in the New Vegas. …