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Tokio Inkarami hair treatment experience at BumpRV

I had bleached my hair in Oct last year which caused my hair to be very dry and brittle. I dunno what's wrong with me, I damaged my hair further when I perm it in Mar this year. After the bleach and perm, my hair was very rough and it tangles when I comb. I urgently need some really good and effective treatment to save my hair!

I researched online and saw people raving about Tokio Inkarami treatment. Through the app Jpassport, I saw some Japanese salon having 20% discount. I chose BumpRV based on the good reviews and the reasonable price. The Tokio Inkarami treatment was priced at $160, after 20% discount, it's only $130+ (inclusive of GST). I made an appointment immediately.

My hair stylist was Konomi, although  her english was limited, she was polite and all smiley, which made my visit a pleasant one. Worried about communication? There's a receptionist who can help with the translation.

When Konomi saw my hair, she knew my hair was badly damaged and assured me that this …

Vegetarian 6 course lunch at Joie by Dozo

Few years back we were amazed by the food and service we had at Dozo River Valley but it was closed subsequently. It was recently that we found Joie by Dozo. It's now a vegetarian restaurant. Same as many people, we got the impression that it was not worth the same price as their predecessor who served meat in their courses. However, we were blown away with this vegetarian experience!
Service was great as usual, the service staff takes pride in explaining each course served. Free flow flower tea were served once we sat. Hubby and I chose different dishes on the menu for each course so that we can have more varieties.
For a start, we were served complimentary pre-meal drink - passion fruit and plum ice blended. The waiter explained that this can help to clear our palette for the several courses later.

Starter: chef selection of assorted platter  The waitress advised that we eat the middle first, then the right one and finally the left one.  Middle one is sliced carrot with shredd…