Thursday, 31 October 2013

Our search for wedding videographer

Hubby initially thought it's okay that there's no videographer for our actual day wedding. But no! I want! Because I wanna see how my hubby 'perform' during the gate crashing. I already think I will feel very left out and lonely waiting in the room, so how can I miss his 'performance'! Lol *evil grin*

After watching many wedding videos and contacting a few shortlisted ones, we settled for Forest Productions.

Forest told us that they can secure the date for us only after they receive a deposit. As we are overseas, we can't meet up with them now. We are afraid it might be too late to secure the date when we are back in Singapore, so we paid the deposit since we have already seen a few of their videos and are quite firm in engaging their services.

Hmm, but we are a bit unhappy now. Before we paid the deposit, they are fast, prompt and friendly in responding to our emails. So we thought 'their customer service not bad eh'.

But after we paid the deposit, their reply became slower. For example, they promised to email me once they received my deposit via bank transfer, but they didn't until I emailed them to ask again. They also said they will send me the receipt by that week. But again, they didn't. I waited for a few days after that week before sending an email to them again to ask for the receipt.

We feel there's different attitude before and after paying the deposit so we are a bit worried about their service standards now.

Anyway, I will post my experience after I meet up with them when we are back in Singapore.

Hope all will be well~

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