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Places to visit when you are in San Sebastian, Donostia

San Sebastian is a coastal city located in Spain, just 20 km away from the French border. We loved the city as it felt relaxing when we were there. Not to mention that the Tapas were great!

When you are in the city of San Sebastian, be prepared to ditch your car in a car park and walk, even though the parking charges were not cheap. Depending on how long you parked your car, the charges is around 2 Euros per hour.

We booked our accommodation at  Enjoy Comfort, which is around 5 minutes walk to the smaller Zurriola Beach.

To get to the main San Sebastian area, we crossed the bridge near the Kursaal (an auditorium and exhibition hall), which took us around 15 minutes of slow walking. I think Enjoy Comfort has negotiated for a good price with the car park nearby. We paid 12 Euros for 24 hours of parking.

The host of Enjoy Comfort was very friendly and helpful. He recommended many many nice Tapas and restaurants for us. With only 2 days in San Sebastian, we were unable to try all the food…

Saint Emilion: UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wine and Vineyards?

Saint Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux. As we drove nearer to Saint Emilion, we could see many many vineyards. It would have been a pretty green with grapes throughout if we were here in the summer. But now, we could only see the stick and all were 'botak' vineyards.

Saint Emilion was quite similar to San Marino, but San Marino was bigger, have better scenery and more things to explore. Saint Emilion was a little 'meh' as a UNESCO heritage site. The 13th and 14th century ruins were not as magnificent as what we saw in Rome. I guess visiting in the wrong season also played a part in making the visit even more 'meh'.

We're done with walking around the whole town in about 1 hour. But if you like wine, it's really a place where you can explore as there're many shops selling wine.

Walking around the town, there're several sites of monuments and ruins marked as attractions on the map.

The most p…