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Taiwan - Taipei and Hualien

Taiwan is really a place where I would return, with all the good and cheap food,  nice scenery, cooling weather (when we went) and lots of entertainment. It's also a shopping heaven for ladies. You will be able to get fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, facial masks and products at cheap price.

The first thing the girls wanted to do was to dye, style and give our hair a good treatment. We did our hair at Taipei, a salon called "Let's Hair". And we were all very happy with the final result!

After we were done with our hair, we took a train to Hualien that evening and stayed at a 民宿 (homestay), 石头的家 (Stone House). The host was very friendly and we loved the place. We booked a room for 7 people and it was really spacious.  

The host told us that we could light fireworks at Stone House and brought us to buy some fireworks and sparks. We had a great time playing, but we did something stupid. We played the sparks in an enclosed room because the wind was too strong outsi…