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Many firsts at Kiwi Land~

This was a belated 2 year anniversary trip for us. We liked the serenity in New Zealand, there's lots of opportunity to be in close contact with nature. It's a good place to settle down for retirement. There're many cows and sheep in NZ, in fact, we saw many more animals than human.

The driving experience in NZ was an adventurous one. Most of the roads, even highways were single lane and we were driving through winding roads up and down the mountains for half of our journey. And I had experienced my many "first time" here..

"First time" number 1: Staying in camper van 
We rented a camper van for one week and it was during the off-peak season for camper van. We did not see many camper vans on the road throughout our trip. Winter's not the tourist season for NZ as it was really cold, windy and rainy. The weather was quite unpredictable. Not to mention staying in a camper van in winter. We must be out of our minds.

We drove through the North Island, fro…