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Ohh... This tiramisu is different from the normal kind that we usually had.. The tiramisu cake had a juicy alcoholic base and the whole thing was covered with sweet and smooth vanilla flavoured cream. Taste of bitter, sweet, alcoholic and vanilla fragrance all in one cup of tiramisu.. It was simply delicious.. Such tiramisu was available only in a few ristorantes. I had this in a ristorante in Gallarate.. Yum yum..

CNY! But I am away from home..

First time away from home during Chinese New Year. Thanks to Skype that I am able to see my family and 'bai nian'. And we still can have our steamboat reunion dinner even when we are away from home.. Hee..

Steamboat dinner. There's Asian supermarket here. So we are able to get things like fish balls, meat dumplings, tofu.

And it's snowing outside.. I love snow..

Delicious dinner in Gallarate on the first night

Lobster spaghetti and tender beef steak on hot plate. Both dishes are awesome and the price is very affordable. You probably cant get this price in Singapore. Not that I know of.

Lobster spaghetti that costs only 13 euros and it's super big portion

A very big piece of steak for 15 euros

'Zuo Bo' life begins!

Finally I am here, in Italy, with my hubby!

We rented a serviced apartment in a town called Gallarate. First time having a house of our own feels GREAT! Knowing that it's a serviced apartment and there will be cleaner coming to clean the house once a week feels even better! Wahahaha..