Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chicken Rice by me!

Heh heh.. I searched online for chicken rice recipe, almost all the recipes state that they use whole chicken without removing the skin, and use salt to rub the chicken skin before cooking to remove any residual dirt or chicken hair, and it will also make the skin smooth and tender.

For me, I definitely dun know how to handle one whole chicken and I am especially disgusted by chicken skin that has some chicken hair sticking out, so I bought chicken thigh meat that already had their skin removed. Easier for me la hor..

Preparation for the chicken and chicken soup
Rub salt on the chicken
Boil 700 grams of chicken for 10 mins. Simmer for 30 minutes.
Take out the chicken and add in one whole onion and some carrots. Add salt to taste. Boil for 10 mins then simmer for 45 mins. At the last 10 mins of simmering the soup, I added some meat dumplings and crab stick.
Put the chicken in cold water for 15 mins.

Preparation for the rice
The recipe on the packet states that one packet is for 250 grams of rice.
Wash the rice and put it in a rice cooker.
Empty the ingredients in the packet into the rice cooker.
Add 2 cups of chicken stock. Use chicken stock to cook the rice instead of water.
Stir and start cooking the rice.

Chili sauce
We got a bottle of chili sauce. It's super spicy and is a little sour but it's not fragrant enough for chicken rice chili.
So, I mixed 1 full tablespoon of chili sauce with minced garlic (1 clove), some grounded ginger and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Chicken sauce
You know, that light brown and a little oily sauce hawkers usually pour on the plate of chicken.
2 tablespoons of light soy sauce
2 tablespoons of chicken stock
1 tablespoon of sesame oil

Hubby said got 80 marks, but I think it's not according to the hawkers' standard. Lol.. The most 'got feel' one was surprisingly the chili sauce! Haha. We ate until we sweat but still wanna dip the chili sauce. Lol.

The chicken sauce also got a little bit 'feel' but not as fragrant. I think I am missing the oil from frying garlic and scallion.

Soup was very flavorful, I think the dumplings and crab stick made the soup even more tasty.

Chicken was not so tender. Hmmm. I think my timing no good, maybe it was a bit overcooked. I also dunno how to make those really tender chicken like what we have in hawker centers leh.

Lastly, the rice. Smelt really fragrant, but when we ate it, it just lacked something. The chicken aroma was not strong enough and it's a tad too dry. Those chicken rice that we have in hawker centers are more oily, shiny and flavorful. We concluded that it's because the chicken stock I used to cook the rice was not oily enough because the chicken got no skin ma, so the chicken stock actually had minimal oil.

So, mine was a healthier version chicken rice. Wahahaha..

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