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Can't See Dinner @ NOX Dine in the Dark

This is a blogpost that will have minimal photos because I am in total darkness most of the time during the dinner time except at the lounge.

So what to expect for dining in the dark?

We were first greeted by the staff at the lounge. No worries, there's light at the lounge. We were served a small appetizer and presented with the drinks menu. You can order wine, beer, cocktails to drink in the lounge or to go with the food later. They also have still or sparkling water. We, the stingy couple, tried to ask the staff if they serve tap water and the answer is no, they don't serve tap water. So we paid $8 for a bottle of still water.

After we are done with ordering the drinks, wait for the staff to call us to walk through the door to the dining area. Before we enter, we were asked to put our belongings and anything that is likely to emit light such as mobile phone and watch in the locker. We were then greeted by our guide who will guide us through the door and to our table.

Wah! Th…