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Last day in Italy

We will be flying back to Singapore tomorrow morning.

These few days I have been very emotional as I looked around this little apartment which has been our warm, little home for the past few months. I felt an urge to tear as I know I'm not gonna be back here again.

To be frank, I dun feel like going back to Singapore. (To family and friends, please dun misunderstand. I miss you guys and am glad that I can have gatherings with you all.) There are just too many reality issues to face.

Once back in Singapore, hubby and I will be staying in our parents home first, so we won't be staying together. We really love the feeling of having our own home. Our BTO? I think it will only be ready in 4 to 5 months time, so meanwhile, just have to endure another 4 to 5 months lo. With a flat, means we will carry the HDB housing loan for the next 25 years, so we cannot be out of job until we are old due to this huge liability.

So many things to settle about our wedding banquet. Sad to say, weddi…

Love the contests and giveaways at Prizle!

I first saw when one of my friends shared Prizle's Facebook page a few months back. Out of curiosity, I went to Prizle's website to check it out.

The Prizle logo says everything!

You know, I love giveaways, contests and lucky draws! I registered immediately, and started browsing through all the contests and giveaways! I took part in almost all of them, so Kiasu (scared of losing)! Lol! It's also because all the prizes are so attractive!

There was once I won something! Ta-da!

I won a pair of python flats from Pink Pharmacy and I got to choose the design that I like! Love the feeling of winning something! ^-^

Just register at, and like their Facebook page to get updates of new contests and giveaways! It's free to register and join them! Lady luck might be smiling at you now, and it's just waiting for you to join some contests or giveaways to give you some surprises!

Our finale weekend in Italy

What did we do during our last weekend in Italy? We shopped, ate all the nice pizzas and pastas that we know we're gonna miss, bid farewell to the owners of the restaurants we frequent, drove up the mountain for night sky gazing and just enjoy the fresh, cold air here.

We started our outing on Saturday at Lindt Chocolate Factory, buying some chocolates back to Singapore for friends.

There's this super big Lindt bear outside the factory outlet, I must take a pic with it! But erm, I look as if I'm surrendering to the bear. 

Christmas-y decor inside the factory outlet.

Heh heh.. I bought something else other than chocolates in the factory outlet. Introducing Trudi! The cutie sea lion.

I also love the pretty red jacket I'm wearing, newly bought in Varese. Heehee.

For dinner that night, we went to one of our favourite restaurants - Ristorante Pizzeria Da Enzo. Their pastas and pizzas are awesome and the boss is very nice and friendly. Sometimes, the boss will offer us some sp…

Update on our complaint on EasyJet

2 months have passed and EasyJet has not replied anything about our complaint. I have posted on Twitter, tagging EasyJet, about their lousy customer service a few times in the past 2 months, and whenever I do that, they will ask me to direct message (DM) them the reference number and email. But every time after I DM them the reference number and email, they will continue to ignore me and so, until now, I have yet to receive any reply from their customer service.

Today, I posted on Twitter again and the same thing, they asked me for my reference number and email again. I told them "I had given u many times already. I had enough!"

After that was a series of standard business replies again which I dun even bother to read anymore. I totally give up already. The thought of it will only make my blood boil, so I just want to wipe away this unpleasant moment from my memory from now onwards.

Probable completion date of my new house: end Feb 2014

Today I logged into myHDB and saw that the probable completion date of my new BTO was updated from 1st quarter 2014 to end Feb 2014! But I'm not really happy, because I have heard some rumours saying that the keys should be ready in Jan 2014, so I actually expected it to be earlier.

Probable completion date end Feb 2014, means I will get my keys maybe 1 month later, which will be end Mar 2014?! My wedding is already over, and we can't move into our house directly after our wedding. Taking into consideration another 2 to 3 months for renovation, it will be May or June 2014. :(

Now, we have a even bigger issue which is the Housing Loan. I am not working for the past one year, and I am still not sure whether my previous company still have vacancy for me. If they do not have, I intend to find a full-time job only after my wedding is over. Reason being, there are many things to settle for our wedding and new house now. Moreover, usually a new job will have probation period for the …

The real Portuguese egg tart

There's a worldwide cultural fair at Fiera Milano (Milan's Expo) and we saw a stall selling the real Portuguese egg tart. I have eaten Portuguese egg tarts selling in Macau and Singapore, but I have never tried the real one from Portugal. So it's a must to try it!

I was disappointed when I first put it into my mouth as it was cold! I love pipping hot egg tarts fresh from the oven! But as I continue to taste and eat it, I find it really tasty even though it was cold. Yup.

As compared to the Portuguese egg tart we had in Macau, the crust of this real Portuguese egg tart is less oily but it's as crispy as the Macau one. As I chewed the egg tart, there's a tinge of 焦味 aroma spread in my mouth. Oh, I love that taste! The Macau one dun have that aroma. The egg filling is also not the same the Macau one. Macau's egg filling is more fluffy, while this is firmer. Their tastes are also slightly different. I would say each has it's own merits.

Hmm. If I were to choose…

Lucerne and Mount Titlis: Our last trip to the Swiss before returning to SG

Our last trip to Switzerland before returning SG. We planned to spend our Saturday in Lucerne and Mount Titlis on Sunday. I love snow mountains and Switzerland so knowing that it's the last trip, I felt really emotional.

We arrived in Lucerne after a 3 hours drive and checked in to Ibis Budget Hotel. It's the cheapest and decent hotel we could find in Lucerne. One thing to say about this hotel is the toilet and shower area. They are separate and there's no lock for the toilet and shower doors. It'll be quite inconvenient for friends travelling together.

This is the toilet door, inside only got a toilet bowl la. There's no lock and the hole in the door is the 'knob' to pull open the door. See, hubby's fingers poking out of the hole.. Lol!

The shower area door with no lock. You can peep through the transparent gaps to see the person showering inside, and there're gaps on top and at the bottom. Water will splash out of the shower area one. 

Okay, then we…