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Hong Kong

We dun really like the experience at Hong Kong.

First of all, hotels were super expensive in Hong Kong. Maybe we chose the wrong time to go. We went during the New Year week, and we paid S$80+ per night for a super tiny guesthouse with only a bed and a super small toilet which squeeze the toilet bowl and the tiny washing basin so near to each other that I could sit on the toilet bowl and wash my hands at the same time. Needless to say, we could hardly bath. Not to mention that the toilet door in our room was spoiled.

Our miserable room

The miserable toilet.
Next, the service standard at Hong Kong was quite bad, regardless of whether it's a dim sum restaurant or cafe, or shops selling shoes, clothes etc.

Thirdly, it was as crowded or even more crowded than Singapore -.-'''

We only enjoyed the cooling weather and the food in HK. Okay, enough of the complains and lemme get to the enjoyable part.

One famous dim sum place is Tim Ho Wan, which we went there 3 times during our …