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Prague, Czech Republic

Before we arrived at Prague, we had heard of how beautiful and nice Prague was, the interesting history of Prague Castle, and it was definitely one of the city that we must visit during our stay in Europe. No doubt Prague has a beautiful old town and a rich history, we didn't really enjoy our trip there. It was too touristy and we preferred the feel of other cities instead.

Upon arrival at Prague, we checked-in to MH apartments. The apartment was modern, clean and nice. The bed, pillow and blanket was very comfortable. And we were provided with all amenities such as the toiletries, towels, washing machine, coffee maker, dishwasher etc. Trams to the Old Town and Prague castle was 5 minutes walk away. The staff were also patient and nice to explain to us how to get around prague from MH Apartments.

However, one thing that we disliked was the design of the toilet. The toilet has a pretty Jacuzzi bathtub which we were unable to use as we were not given the drain stopper. There was no …

Bratislava, Slovakia

We rushed a short half-day trip to Bratislava from Vienna so that we're able to step foot in another country. Hahaha.

We took a train from Vienna Sudtirolerplatz Train station to Bratislava Main Train station. The train journey was around an hour. We could see a difference between Bratislava and Vienna, Vienna was really more well-developed than Bratislava.

Slovakia joined the Eurozone in year 2009 and they were using Euros as their currency when we went. So it made things a lot easier for us.

From the Bratislava Train station, we took a bus to the city center and joined the free walking tour. If you're gonna be at Bratislava for a few days, it's good to join the walking tour first because the guide would provide useful information such as traditional Slovak food to try, restaurants at which part of the Old Town were the more expensive ones, and some other interesting things to do or see in Bratislava. If you're interest, here's the website for the free walking tou…