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Our search for wedding videographer

Hubby initially thought it's okay that there's no videographer for our actual day wedding. But no! I want! Because I wanna see how my hubby 'perform' during the gate crashing. I already think I will feel very left out and lonely waiting in the room, so how can I miss his 'performance'! Lol *evil grin*

After watching many wedding videos and contacting a few shortlisted ones, we settled for Forest Productions.

Forest told us that they can secure the date for us only after they receive a deposit. As we are overseas, we can't meet up with them now. We are afraid it might be too late to secure the date when we are back in Singapore, so we paid the deposit since we have already seen a few of their videos and are quite firm in engaging their services.

Hmm, but we are a bit unhappy now. Before we paid the deposit, they are fast, prompt and friendly in responding to our emails. So we thought 'their customer service not bad eh'.

But after we paid the deposit,…

Conversation with hubby..

Hubby: Jia, next time in our Seng Kang 乐乐窝, we also cook our dinner at home okay?

Me: Huh? Go back Singapore, I need to work, how to cook? By the time I squeeze the stupid MRT, reach home already 7 plus liao. Then take out the meat to thaw and cook, you wanna eat supper instead of dinner is it? Aiya, Singapore not like here ma, Singapore everywhere also can find hawker center, just buy lor, easier.

Hubby: ...

Me: Ohh!

Hubby: What?!

Me: Unless I dun need work in Singapore, then I cook for you la. Like here, I can thaw the meat at 4, start preparing at 5 plus and have dinner at 6 plus.

Hubby: No! You have to work in Singapore.

Me: Okay, then cannot cook lor.

Hubby: We cook during weekends?

Me: Weekends meet up with friends, go back parents house, family gathering. 2 days very fast over liao lor. Where will have time to cook?

Hubby: ...

That's the reality.. :'(

How we cook Laksa.. Success!

Yeah! We tried cooking Laksa using the Singapore Laksa packet we bought in Brussels.

- Singapore Laksa packet
- 300grams of prawns
- Fish cake
- Bean sprouts
- 2 hard-boiled eggs
- Tau Kua (Beancurd)
- 300ml of coconut milk
- 250ml of prawn stock

1. Boil the prawns. Take out the prawns when it's cooked and keep the prawn stock for later use.

2. Prepare coconut milk with the coconut milk powder. We could only find packet of coconut milk powder here so need to prepare the coconut milk ourselves lo.

3. In a pot, add some oil and fry with the Singapore Laksa packet paste for about 3 mins.

4. Add the coconut milk and the prawn stock. Got some Laksa feel already.

5. Add bean sprouts, tau kua, fish cake and egg. Bring to a boil and simmer for 5 mins. Then, add in the prawns.
We couldn't find tau pok here, so used tau kua as substitute.

6. Pour the Laksa stock over the noodles and it's done!
We used spaghetti instead of the thick bee hoon because we couldn't fin…

24 Hours in Romantic Paris..

Arrived at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport and took the RER B train to Gare Du Nord station. The journey was around 30 mins and cost 9.50 Euros per person one way. Hmm, another expensive city.

Public Transport
Public transport in Paris is quite difficult to understand. It took us a while to know that not all the lines on the map are Metro lines. The lines can be for Metro, trams or train, differentiated by colors, numbers and thickness of the lines on the map. And one station can be so big that we walked like 10 mins in order to change from one line to another.

The single trip ticket in Paris is not as expensive as London. One trip within the Paris city is 1.70 Euros. If you are confident that you and your travel mates will take 10 trips in Paris, you can buy a bundle of 10 tickets at 13.30 Euros. We bought the 10 tickets bundle and saved some money.

Beautiful both at night and in the day, but it was much more romantic at night. I love the night view of Louvre more. What about yo…

A rushed weekend trip in London

The trip started with beautiful scenery when we were on the plane.

We were admiring the scenery and I got quite emotional, when I saw how beautiful the world was. Somehow, I just thought how nice would it be if everyone could enjoy this beautiful world peacefully, freely and happily. No evil thoughts, no killings, no restrictions whatsoever. Anyway, after a while, my mind wandered off and I suddenly got an idea, which when I told my hubby, he said I am silly Jia. I want my ashes to be spread in the Alps after I die, because I really love snow capped mountains leh.

Anyway, when we arrived at London Luton airport, we took the airport transfer, National Express, to London Central. The cost is 10 pounds per person one way for the 1 hour journey.

We alighted at the Baker Street stop and took the famous London Underground Tube to our hotel. We booked the Ibis hotel which was located just beside Wembley stadium as it was cheap, only around 70 Euros per night for a double room. We couldn'…

Foodie in London..

Before going to London, I was told that everything was so expensive in London, including food. So I searched through the net, hoping to find some cheap and yummy eats recommended by bloggers or Tripadvisor, and there're some hits and misses.

1. Bone Daddies Ramen Bar
Found this from a blogger's post and we were expecting a really yummy ramen, comparable to those we had in Singapore. We ordered the Shoyu ramen and the Tonkotsu ramen.

Shoyu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen 

Verdict? Hmm.. The ramen looked good when they were served but we were quite disappointed when we tasted it. The noodles, cha shu and the tamago eggs were good. It's the soup that disappointed us. The soup of the shoyu ramen was too salty, while the soup of the tonkotsu ramen lacked the rich aroma and fragrance of  the pork bone stock. The texture of the soup was also too sticky, not as smooth as we hoped it would be. Personally, I think the most important factor for a good ramen is the soup. Oh, it's also not quit…