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Country within a country (Part 3): San Marino

I am quite surprised to find that there's another small small independent country within Italy. It's Republic of San Marino.

The car plate has it's flag on it! Cool..

Outside the historical center of San Marino, there's totally nothing going on. We thought that we've wasted our time to travel all the way here, but once we reached the historical center, it's totally a different feel! The historical center of San Marino is located on the top of a hill, it was cooling and the views were amazing.

Me happily taking panorama..

The walls..

Tower built on the cliff.. Beautiful..

We had our lunch at a restaurant with very very ordinary food. I can't even remember the name of the restaurant liao. All I remembered was the really sweet and tasty San Marino Moscato that we had. We can't find that moscato selling at any shops :'(

After lunch was some shopping around the area. Oh, shopping in San Marino was great because it's tax free! But there's no boutiques…

Country within a country (Part 2): Vatican City

Once we reached Vatican City, we were approached by several people who were selling tours of the Vatican museums, St Peter's Basilica and Sistine Chapel. They claimed that buying their tours enable us to skip the line, otherwise, we'll need to join the long queues. Anyway, we didn't buy from them as we didn't plan to go into the chapel and the museum at Vatican. Many people said that it's a must to visit the Vatican museum and the church if we're at Vatican but we're not museum people and we had seen too many churches in Europe so we decided to give that a miss.

Even though we didn't go into the museum and the church, being at St Peter's Square already awed us. It's really magnificent with the world's biggest catholic church sitting in front of it, and the architecture at the sides of the square stands numerous different angels at the top. We were told that everything built within the St Peter's Square were symmetrical and have some mean…

Country within a country (Part 1): Monaco

We first went up to Monaco-ville, the old town of Monaco, and grab some food first.. Haha.. We were hungry.. We trusted Tripadvisor and seached for No.1 in Monaco Ville..

The price was a bit on the expensive end.. This was the lunch price, dinner's more expensive..

Hubby ordered the Branda Cujun De Stockfish A Ma Fason.. Dunno what that means, we only know the word 'fish'. We had expected it to be a fillet of grilled fish but it came in this form. The fish was mixed with mash potatoes.. It was just normal. Given the price we paid, we thought it was overpriced.

I ordered Coutre Filet De Boeuf "Black Angus" Rucola/Parmesan Again, I dunno what that means but it's black angus so I ordered. Hahaha.. And it was pretty good! The beef was tender and yummy, served with the salad and cheese, I felt not so sinful eating it.. Hahaha..

After having lunch, it's time to walk around Monaco-ville and we arrived at a place where we could enjoy the views of Monaco bay.

Palace …