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We came across this well-rated restaurant, Dozo, for our 2nd year anniversary dinner. It's a Japanese-French fusion restaurant located at Valley Point Shopping Center along River Valley Road.

We ordered their set menu. The food tasted really delicious, and their service was excellent. Okay, photos time now, nothing explains better than photos :)

Welcome drink: Fruity ice blend.. Really refreshing and a good start for the dinner..

Sooo delicious starter platter: Smoked salmon, scallop, foie gras (from left)

Tuna with crab meat..

Sashimi Platter

Stewed beef tendon with puff pastry.. the beef was tender and the pastry was crispy.. nice combi..

Gratin escargots with Yuzu butter.. Yummy..

Crab Bisque.. That unforgettable taste.. yum yum..

Mushroom soup with truffles..

Mains: Chicken thigh with foie gras.. And there's the pumpkin dressing.. Needless to say, foie gras was delicious and the chicken thigh was juicy too..

Mains: Kurobuta pork cheek with onion jam.. The pork cheek was so soft and …