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Suddenly Slender review

I first tried Suddenly Slender when I bought a voucher for S$18 for 90 minutes massage. But I was short-changed. After changing into their robe, I was first brought to the Sauna room and stayed there for around 10 minutes. Then I was ushered to the massage room for a 60 minutes massage, instead of 90 minutes. The skill of the masseur was quite okay. Since I only paid S$18, I'm not too particular about the short-changed 30 minutes massage.
After the massage, the sales person started selling me a package of 6 times basic facial or massage for S$300. It's not too expensive, so I signed it.

A week later, I went for my first facial appointment. I was served by a beautician called Du Rong. During the facial, she kept chatting with me, I actually just wanted to rest la. After the exfoliation she asked me to try their Imperial Gua Sha facial with eye treatment at an additional S$68. She said the facial will improve the exfoliation and blood circulation of my skin, thereby ma…

Update to our house!

Our HDB Eligibility Loan has just been approved on 7th Jan 2014! Hahaha. Exactly on our one year ROM anniversary. Lol.

So now, we are anxiously waiting for the date to collect our keys!

Yesterday, we spoke to an ID and he told us that they need at least 2 months to renovate our 5-room flat. So that means, no matter what, the house won't be ready before our wedding. :'(

Pre-wedding Photoshoot!

I haven't been blogging since I am back in Singapore, been really busy meeting up with friends and family, settling our pre-wedding photoshoot stuff, applying for HLE, sourcing for contractors for our new house. Oh my, so many things to do.

Anyway, I am going to blog about my pre-wedding photoshoot!
Xmas eve - Choosing gowns and suits for photoshoot We went to Feline Bridal to choose our gowns and suits on Xmas eve. I chose 5 gowns with different styles, took us around 3 hours to choose my gowns and my hubby's suit Hubby got a white suit and a grey suit. We were not allowed to take pictures while trying the gowns so I quickly took one after I am done choosing the gowns when the staff were not around.

I have a white wedding ball gown, a white wedding mermaid gown, a peachy pink ball gown, a flowy dark blue evening dress and a light blue "Hi-Lo" flowy dress. The white wedding ball gown and the light blue 'Hi-Lo' dress were for outdoor shoots.
The MUA asked me to…