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3 Days in Brussels

We spent the last weekend plus the Monday at Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

The airport transfer from Brussels airport to the city center was expensive. 7.80 Euros per person one way for only 20 minutes train ride -.-'''

Oh! I learnt some Dutch language along the way. Luchthaven = Airport. Lunch heaven hehehe. I will not forget this word. Lolol.. Another interesting thing about Dutch language is they like to repeat alphabets. For example, national is nationaal, central is centraal. In the train to the city center, I'm learning Dutch language and kept pronouncing nationaal as na-tion-a-a-aall and centraal as centr-a-a-all, and hubby said I was irritating Jia >:(

Oh! Side track a while, there's a chao chow city and a chao chow palace hotel in Brussels. Hahaha. Dun believe? Google for it. Lolol.

Okay, back to my Brussels trip. A must-visit place in Brussels is the Grand Place, which is really grand. We knew from Tripadvisor that there'll be beautiful flower …