Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fell Sick.. Urghh..

Fell sick over the last weekend. This was the first time I had flu since I moved to Italy. As compared to the frequency where I would catch a flu once every 2 months back in Singapore, I should be thankful?! Lolol..

Anyway, I skin itchy la. Already down with flu, but I just heck care and wanna satisfy my Korean BBQ craving when my hubby and I chanced upon one Korean BBQ restaurant "Hana Ristorante" in Milan! I was thinking 'I am already sick, how much sick-er can I get?!' So we happily enjoyed the Korean BBQ meat and Kimchi soup. It was oh my god, so delicious, and the restaurant was opened by Koreans so it was authentic too! It has been months since I had my fill of Korean BBQ and Kimchi soup. We felt so satisfied when we walked out of the restaurant heehee..

Okay, when I reached home, the effect came. I lost my voice! I started to panic. Hubby brewed chrysanthemum with honey for me to drink. Lucky for me, after drinking chrysanthemum with honey, eating medicine and having porridge as my meals for 3 days. I am better today.

Phew! This post shall act as a reminder for myself to be aware of what to eat when I fell sick. Erm actually, I think even when I am not sick, I should also be aware la, so that I dun catch a flu so frequently.

Okie, time to have Jiajia cooked apple pork ribs soup for dinner. Hmm.. I should post the recipe for apple pork ribs soup soon. Ta-ta.

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