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Scalp and hair treatment at Organic Hair Professional

It's been 6 months since I did my last hair treatment, and I tried the scalp and hair treatment at Organic Hair Professional. 
Haha.. No photos for this post as I forgot to take photos lol..

The scalp treatment is really quite comfortable and I think it's quite worth the money. The hairdresser will first use the Pear Wood Exfoliating Gel to exfoliate the dead skin cells, dandruff etc. on the scalp. I thought this is quite a good product as I felt my scalp quite clean after using it. 
Next, the hairdresser will use the scalp care shampoo to shampoo my hair with some massage on the scalp. Scalp felt cool and refreshing and I felt so comfortable with the scalp massage. After that, the hairdresser will rinse off the shampoo on my hair.
Third step, the hairdresser will spray oxygen and hair tonic onto my scalp with some more scalp massage. I enjoyed the scalp massage, it's so comfortable. Then, I will have to wait for 15 mins before washing it off. While waiting, the hairdress…

Random thoughts

Saw a friend shared a good read on Facebook: working culture in NZ.
*Link from

After reading it, I felt so sad about the working life in Singapore, especially when you have a 'slave driver' as your boss. It just make everyone's life so stress, so difficult, so busy and unhappy. I seriously do not understand why some bosses like to be such an a**. It's just a job, com'on. There're a thousand more important things in life than the mundane job.

I have always wondered if those bosses actually cared about the happiness of the employees. If they are nicer, friendlier and give more flexibility to the employees, it will make everyone's day brighter! Rigid, inflexibility, bosses who scold employees as if they are kids, and bosses who think "You are paid so I can load you with tons of work!" seriously turn me off.

Bosses tend to have the wrong mind set that if they scold or be strict, employees will then be more careful not to mak…