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Switzerland - Tasch, Zermatt and leukerbad

Yeah!! Weekend trip to Switzerland! I love Switzerland or Svizzera (in Italian).

The drive to our destination, Tasch, was around 3 hours. These 3 hours were totally enjoyable with the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. Although there were many winding roads up and down the mountains, we were totally enjoying it. Switzerland certainly lives up to its expectation of "Swiss standard of living". Other than the beautiful scenery, the infrastructures are orderly arranged, the towns and cities are clean and even the winding roads built on the mountains are broad and smooth. Most importantly, we felt really safe to travel.

Photo taken while driving on the road. I loved the snow mountains!

We stopped halfway along the road and saw people skiing and para-gliding on the snow.

We arrived at our hotel in Tasch, Aparthotel Monte Rosa at noon time. It's a clean and basic apartment with kitchen, living room, bed room and toilet. We chose to stay outside Zermatt because the hotels in Zer…

Rush to Florence & Pisa over the weekend..

We suddenly got the urge to spend the weekend away from home, and decided to drive all the way to Florence and Pisa. It's a real rush where my hubby drove almost 350 km from Gallarate to Florence, then another 85 km to Pisa from Florence and another 350 km back home from Pisa, all within 2 days.

We started our journey on Saturday morning and arrived Florence at around 3pm in the afternoon. We stayed at Gourmet B&B Villa Landuci. It was a nice little B&B but it's quite a distance from the Old Town. B&Bs in Italy cities are usually quite hard to find, this was no exception. They don't usually have a main door with the B&B name on a big sign board. These B&Bs are like normal apartments located behind those big, tall and sturdy wooden doors, and you'll need to press on the door bell for them to open the door for you.
Our room. Clean and nice.

Complimentary tea bags and instant coffee powder. The cups was so pretty.

Upon check-in, we walked around 20 minut…