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Long Weekend: Sirmione, Gardaland and Venice

Sirmione is a town by the Garda Lake. We first checked in to our hotel, Hotel Il Melograno. It's a nice little hotel that provides free parking, which was what we needed. It's a decent and clean basic hotel with breakfast provided. It's quite a good deal for it's price.

To get from our hotel to the center of Sirmione, it's around half an hour walk, or simply take the yacht to save all the walking. Yeah, we took the yacht. It's a shiok feeling, especially when the yacht increased its speed! Woo hoo!

We have the whole yacht to ourselves. hahaha

When we reached the center of Sirmione, we walked around the old town and took some pictures of the castle walls. If you see clearly, you will notice that the castle walls were surrounded by water.

Sirmione Old Town

We walked through the Old Town to a long pavement full of trees at the sides. Then we came to the tip of Sirmione, over-looking the Garda lake, and we managed to catch the sun set.

After taking photos of the sun …

Decided on wedding banquet

We dun really have much choice on banquet venues given the number of tables we need, 55 tables. So we can only choose those places with really big ballrooms.

We listed a few choices..

1. Mandarin Orchard
It's nice and service is pretty good. Location is good too. But it's too expensive for us.

2. Marina Bay Sands
They totally ignore our emails. Maybe they are too busy with those big big clients who host big big events with them and totally ignore a wedding banquet with just 55 tables?

3. Orchard Hotel
The price is a bit lower as compare to other hotels. But we dun like the location and its surroundings.

4. Sheraton Hotel
The biggest ballroom can house a total of 540 people at max. It's barely enough for us and will be quite packed. Moreover, the ballroom is a "L" shape. But the food is delicious, by the award winning "Li Bai", and it's accessible as Newton MRT station is just beside it. We held our ROM ceremony at Sheraton, it's an intimate even…


We spent the Good Friday and Easter Monday weekend at Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France!

We drove around 2.5 hours to reach Les Bosson where our hotel was. After checking in, we drove 15 minutes to Chamonix. We took the Train Du Montenvers - Mer De Glace to the bottom of France largest glacier, Mer De Glace. But the cable car to the glacier was closed. We were quite disappointed that we didn't have the chance to tour the glacier.

Even though it was foggy, it's still beautiful and scenic. The scenery portrayed a different feel under the fog.

Le Montenvers, standing at 1913m

So foggy, it gave a mysterious feel.

Snowy white mountains with fogs, love the beauty of nature.

A small Glacier museum which describe how glaciers were formed through documentaries.

Mer De Glace was closed :'(

The train back to Chamonix town..

After Mer De Glace, we proceed to another part of Chamonix, L'Aiguille Du Mini. Over here, we took a cable car up the mountains.

L'Aiguille Du Mini cable car station