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Iceland (Part 3) - Southern Iceland

Northern light encounter #2: Seen from Vansholt Guesthouse
The Northern lights on our 4th night in Iceland was really active, we could see obvious green lights in the sky at 7pm!

This time, the green lights were dancing and it was so strong!

We were actually having our Christmas eve dinner when there's aurora light shows in the sky. We ran in and out, juggling between dinner and admiring the amazing dancing lights. The aurora lasted for around an hour this time. After our dinner, it was gone totally! It was definitely worth running in and out, the aurora was so beautiful, moving above us in the dark skies!

Next, some photos of what we ate for our Christmas eve dinner.

The host also prepared a souvenir for us. The ashes of Eyjafjallajokull, which erupted in 2010.

Vansholt Guesthouse was 16km from Selfoss. A long 7km side road leads us to Vansholt. It was away from the city lights and a good place for us to enjoy the auroras.

Urriðafoss was located near Vansholt and there&…

Iceland (Part 2) - Blue Lagoon and Snaefellnes Peninsula, Western Iceland

We rented a 2WD Ford Focus this is our transport for the rest of our journey in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon
This is one of the famous touristy place that one has to step foot on when you are in Iceland. We are not exactly interested in this man made lagoon but since we were already quite near there so might as well.. You know..

You may visit the Blue Lagoon website to decide which package you want to take and how to get there.

Western Iceland, Snaefellnes Peninsular
Our next destination was Western Iceland, Snaefellnes Peninsular. I highly recommend the guesthouse we stayed in, Grund i Grundarfirdi. It was 5 minutes drive away from the town, Grundarfjorour. The host was super friendly and nice, they will stock up food in the kitchen so that guests won't go hungry. The guesthouse was clean and cosy. We felt so at home while staying there. The host, Pall even became my husband driving instructor, teaching him how to drive on icy, slippery road. Even after we left the guesthouse, he still call…

Iceland (Part 1) - Reykjavik and Icelandic food

We took Icelandic Budget Air, Wow Air from London Gatwick. I would say we were generally very pleased with what we got on Wow Air. The cabin crew were friendly, and even though they was a budget airline, they were not fuzzy with check in baggage as long as the size is reasonable and within the weight restrictions, unlike some fuzzy and make-my-life-difficult budget air which is called Easyxxx (what an irony!). We also spot some interesting and funny marketing quotes while on the plane.

We ordered this drink on Wow Air. It's an Icelandic Christmas special drink. It just taste better... Than Coke.. Yumz..

As we were approaching Keflavik Airport in Iceland, this was what we saw.. Nothing but white snowy, icy lands.

Transport from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik
We booked in advance the bus which brought us from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik via the Flybus website. If the hotel/guesthouse you stayed in Reykjavik is in the list of hotels that offer picked up listed in the Flybus website, …