Friday, 18 October 2013

easyJet?! lousyJet..

Lady unlucky was smiling at us when we were returning to Milan from Paris. *Sob sob*

It all started from the cancellation of our easyJet flight from Paris to Milan. Alright, as part of easyJet's 'compensation' for the flight cancellation, we were given 9 Euros of vouchers per person to have our dinner at McDonald's. Yep, you saw it right. 9 Euros per person at McDonald's. Okay, quite cheapo. 

We were arranged to take the earliest flight the next morning back to Milan at 650am. EasyJet did provide accommodation for us that night at Pullman Hotel. After getting 9 Euros of cheapo vouchers at McDonald's, we were thinking, 'Is this some kind of budget hotel?' Lucky for us, it was quite a grand 4 star business hotel located quite a distance away from the airport.

Even though it was a grand 4 star hotel, the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel was quite small. The original capacity was only 7 persons. Because of the amount of people who were taking the shuttle bus that night, we squeezed in the shuttle bus and I'm sitting on my hubby's lap -.-''' To make matters worse, there's only one shuttle bus at work. The interval was like 15 minutes. We were squeezing into the bus like refugees. 

After checking in to the hotel, we were super duper exhausted. Not to mention that we gotta wake up at 5am the next morning to catch the flight. We took the hotel shuttle bus to the airport, as advised by the easyJet staff the previous night. We were so tired and we were hanging on, hoping to pass through the customs as fast as possible and board the plane. 

However, we were stopped by an easyJet staff who told us to proceed to the check-in counter to queue and change to a new boarding pass as our original online checked-in boarding pass was no longer valid. We didn't know that we need to change our boarding pass at the check-in counter as we didn't have any check-in luggage. We really thought that the procedure would remain as usual where we could proceed straight to the customs with our original online check-in boarding pass. It's the first time we encountered a flight cancellation situation and the easyJet staff had told us the previous night, that all was settled and the details of the new flight was already written on our original online check-in boarding pass and all we needed to do was to show that sheet of paper. We believed her at face value and totally didn't know the procedure that we have to go to the check-in counter to get a new boarding pass. Do not assume that everyone knows what to do in such unexpected situations.

Okay, so we queued thinking that there shouldn't be any problem because there's this lady, who would be taking the same flight as us and was in the same hotel shuttle bus as us, queuing just in front of us. The queue moved rather slowly as expected for easyJet.

Okay, nightmare came! At the checked-in counter, the easyJet staff told us that we were late and he could not issue the boarding pass to us! We were shocked as that lady who queued just in front of us got her boarding pass and walked to the customs! We tried to explain and ask him to help us out. He went to approach another lady for help. This darker skin, curly hair, plump auntie has the worst customer service I had ever seen. She blatantly told us that we were late and no boarding pass for us. We tried to explain that we heeded the advice of her colleague and took the shuttle bus of the hotel arranged by easyJet to the airport to catch the flight as our flight was cancelled last night. Her reaction? Not only was she not apologetic that we were the victims of the flight cancellation and the poor instructions given by her colleague, she even reprimanded us 'Then you should take a cab instead of just wait for the hotel shuttle bus!' Her attitude was rude and impatient throughout! 

We were then referred to the customer service counter to change our flight where we encountered another nasty easyJet staff. This time it was a black, bald guy. We tried to confirm with him that we would like to take the earliest flight back to Milan as my hubby has work that day and I was already falling sick. He told us that the next flight would be at 145pm. We were shocked and stunned that we had to stay in the airport for 7 hours. My hubby got to work that day so we politely asked him to confirm again. All he did was to look at us in a super impatient and rude way, and said "I already told you its 145pm right? And that's it!" And we were charged an additional 150 Euros for the change in flight.

OMFG! How nasty can the easyJet staff be! We were super angry with the staff we encountered that morning. We felt as if we owed them money and they're like our masters?!! We dun see any customer service at all! Even if they really could not issue us the boarding pass for the 650am flight, we would definitely have felt better if the staff had been more friendly and helpful instead of treating us like shit!     

So, we were treated like shit, penalised with an additional 150 Euros, insufficient sleep the night before, exhausted and wasting 8 hours of our time at Paris CDG airport, putting my hubby's work in jeopardy, I was already unwell and I fell sick because of insufficient rest. All these sufferings were caused by easyJet’s flight cancellation, poor instructions from the staff, long queuing time at the check-in counter, rude and unhelpful staff who even reprimanded us. Not even a little bit of apology from easyJet staff when the root cause of the problem was due to the flight cancellation in the first place!  

This experience was truly a nightmare for us and we dun want to take any easyJet flights anymore. We have never encountered such poor and rude service from any other airlines in our life! I have wrote a complaint to easyJet customer service and let's see what will their response be. I will post an update after I receive a reply from them.

EasyJet?? I shall call it lousyJet in future. It's a 'not so cheap' budget airline that even compromise their customer service. Really lousy.

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