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4D3N Cruise with Royal Carribean (Mariner of the Seas)

This was my first cruise and I chose Royal Carribean (RC) because I have heard good reviews of RC and also because I came across a road show at Punggol Waterwaypoint and the price was quite reasonable.

As this was my first time on a cruise trip and I'm bringing parents as well, I wanna ensure that everything went smoothly and I did not miss out anything. I did some homework and here I'll share some things to note for first timers.

- A month plus before the sail date, RC sent an email to me to ask me to do online check in for all passengers. Online check in was to be done at least 4 days before the sail date. At the last part of the online check in, they will ask if you wanted to provide your credit card details to link your Seapass card. I didn't want to provide my credit card details at this junction, hence, I chose cash first. On the sail date when I reached the Cruise Terminal, I then passed my credit card to the staff at the check in counter to link to the Seapass card…