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Ristorante Da Valentino

We initially wanted to go Dozo for our 4 year "together" anniversary dinner (need to state "together" because we got many anniversaries to celebrate, got "together" anniversary, proposal anniversary, ROM anniversary and wedding anniversary. We got so many celebrations in a year hor!! Hahaha) Anyway, Dozo was closed for renovation until Sept. So hubby found another restaurant to go. It's Ristorante Da Valentino at Turf City.
It was already fully booked inside the restaurant so we had an alfresco dinner. The restaurant really gave us the Italian feel when we were there. Even the doors and the windows resemble Ristorante Da Enzo, a restaurant which we frequent when we were in Italy.

The food. Oh my god!!! It's so so yummy!! Ever since we're back in Singapore, we've not had such nice Italian food!! We missed these tastes so so much!
Even the bread was awesome! It smells so nice! It's served warm and it's crispy on the outside and flu…

Cafes I Tried in Singapore

Wimbly Lu

Add: 15-2 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987

Hubby suddenly said wanted to bring me to a nice place. This place is really quite inaccessible without a car, and that's why I would call it a hidden gem. If you ask me to go there again alone, I definitely can't find the way lol. It's situated in the middle of some terrace houses at Serangoon area.

When we reached there at around 4pm in the afternoon, it's full and we have to wait for a while to go in. It was a cosy little cafe and the decor was quite special with the glass ceiling. You can raise your head and look directly at the sky! Love the feel.

We tried Waffle with Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream and Molten Lava Cake.

Oh my god! Both are heavenly!! The waffle was one of the best I have ever eaten! It smells so nice and it's crispy to bite on the outside and soft inside. Melted chocolate oozed from the molten chocolate cake! I'm now drooling thinking of how delicious these 2 desserts were. You really have to try …