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Our Solemnisation Ceremony @ Sheraton Towers

We decided to have a separate solemnisation ceremony first as hubby and I will be going overseas for a 1-year stay before coming back to Singapore to have our traditional wedding.

First of all, we need to engage a feng shui master to select the solemnisation and wedding dates for us. After looking at the online reviews, we decided to approach Master David Tong. After emailing him our details, we met up with him and he went through the dates and briefly explained to us what are the things that we need to prepare. He told us to send him an email again 3 months before our traditional wedding, he will then let us know the auspicious date and time for Guo Da Li and An Chuang.
So after getting the solemnisation date from him, we began to search for the venue and a photographer for the event. 
The auspicious date for our solemnisation was on a Monday, hence, we were hoping to find a nice venue at a cheaper price. 
We contacted Peony Jade at Keppel Bay, Traders Hotel, Sheraton Towers Hotel, G…