Thursday, 5 September 2013

How I satisfy my craving for KTV..

Being in Italy for more than half a year, one of the activities I missed most is KTV! Back in Singapore, I would go KTV at least once or twice every month. So, I felt something is missing in my life when I realised I haven been singing for quite some time already. Hahaha.. Luckily, my friend introduced a KTV app to me.


While surfing in the Playstore, I came across another KTV app, 8度K歌.

And the best thing is, they are both free! But for K歌达人, some popular K songs need money lah.. Then I dun sing those songs lor. Certain songs which I wanna sing these apps also dun have and those newer songs the apps also dun have. But it's okay! At least there're these KTV apps to satisfy my cravings.. Hahaha..

Oh, and these apps actually record your singing and give you a score at the end of the song.. Awesome and fun yeah!

And so, I got a recording of my singing here.. Hahaha..
旅行的意义 by jiajia
The music of this song in 8度K歌 was not the original KTV version. It's a guitar cover. But nevermind lah.. ^-^

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