Thursday, 5 September 2013

Beautiful wedding gowns.. I want!

A collation of the pictures of beautiful wedding gowns I have seen. I wanna find similar pattern one when I go gown fitting when I am back in Singapore ^-^

1. Ooh Hoo!! Very princess and 贵族 feel.. I like.. I like the hair style also..

2. Blink blink princess gown..

3. Like the bottom.. Ruched pattern.. Is it call ruched ah?

4. Hubby likes this one.. He say it's simple and elegant.. And on the actual day, I can walk around easily also..

5. Gown with "Pong-pong" bottom and got embroidery details.. Princessy also..

6. Kapok from Ah mien's FB photo.. I like the light pink color and the one side blink blink shoulder strap.. hehe..

7. Like the details and patterns on the gown..

8. She got beautiful shape so the gown looks beautiful.. I think I need to jian fei a lot to fit into it.. But it's beautiful so i save the picture first.. hehe

9. Simple and nice peachy color

10. This is super beautiful for photo-shoot.. Like the flowy and princessy feel of the gown..

11. Like the peachy color bottom and the embroidery on the top

12. Elegant..

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