Monday, 2 September 2013

Nice.. Like Literally..

Nice is a nice place.. Haha.. It's name helped it advertised liao.

Okay, long story short. Nice is really a heaven for beach lovers and there're a few must go places in Nice.

1. Old Town. Because in almost all the cities, old town is one of the attractions ma.. So at least must go see see look look. Old town in Nice is full of shops and restaurants with the typical old town kind of buildings.

2. From the old town, walk to the beach. The beach is definitely the main highlight of Nice. Clear blue sea water and pebble beach.. There're also water activities like parachute water sport, it seemed fun! And yes, there're topless sun-tan gals O.O

3. Castle Hill is the place to admire the beautiful view of Nice.. We would love to spend more time on the Castle Hill to chill out at the cafe while enjoying the scenery, but we had limited time up there. So :'(

4. If you want to do some shopping, Avenue Jean Medecin is the main shopping street. I dunno how to get there. The guys used GPS as a guide and we just followed them. There're H&M, Zara, Mango, Lafayette etc along the shopping street.

If you are lazy to walk around Nice, there's this city bus tour with audio guide which cost 8 Euros per person. The tour was around 45 minutes. The starting point was on the pavement along the beach. We were walking along the beach when we chanced upon the city bus tour. It brought us from the beach to the old town, to the shopping street and up the Castle Hill. The bus stopped for 10 minutes on the Castle Hill for us to take some pictures before going back to the starting point.

My review of the city bus tour? I wouldn't take it if not for the super sunny and hot weather. It's not a hop on hop off bus so we couldn't alight at places that we wanna go. It brought us back to the original starting point at the end of the city tour and we gotta walk all the way to the place that the city bus passed by before,which was kinda lame.. And 10 minutes on Castle Hill was definitely not enough!  

The city tour bus.. More like a train haha..

Yep.. That's all for Nice!

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