Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cheap online household stuff for 乐乐窝 (1)

Recently when I shop on Qoo10, Groupon, etc, I saw many many things I wanna buy for my 乐乐窝! Must blog down before I forget what are the things I wanna buy next time. Hahaha..

1. 5-in-1 Divine H2O Steam Mop for only S$58 - includes 2 pieces of micro-fibre mop cloth
5-in-1 H2O Steam Mop
Wah.. This steam mop ah, sounds too good to be true leh. It says the steam mop comes with 5 changeable mop heads:
- floor steamer cleaner;
- carpet steamer;
- hand-held steamer;
- window cleaner;
- garment steamer.
Garment steamer?? Did I see wrongly?? Still can steam clothes??! I hate to iron clothes so I told my hubby that we must buy garment steamer in future. But so far all the garment steamers I saw were priced over S$100. But this steam mop which is selling for S$58 on can act as garment steamer, it can also clean floor and clean window? I must be dreaming. Slap me. Okay, I am awake. It's a real deal!

2. Floor mats
Memory Foam Floor Mat
Saw these advertisements of floor mats on Qoo10 and I wanna get these for my 乐乐窝! I can put the memory foam floor mat in the bathroom. It looks so comfortable to step on and there're so many colors available. There's even the polka dot pattern one, and it's not expensive. The smallest size floor mat (40cm*60cm) costs only S$7.90, additional delivery fee of S$1.90 will be waived if the purchase amount is over S$15.90.
As for the carpet, its from Korea and the advertisement says it's super micro fiber mat! Haha, whatever that means. It looks comfortable to me. There're many colors to choose from and there's even round shape carpet! I'm thinking of putting it in my living room. Having such a furry carpet in front of my sofa is so comfortable, just the thought of it makes me smile. Heehee. The smallest size (100*150) is only S$49, free delivery some more! I think it's quite cheap for carpet. When it gets dirty or spoil and I wanna change a new one, I also wont be so heart pain. Yeah!

3. Wall Stickers
Wall Stickers from Korea
Cheap Cheap Wall Stickers (1)
Cheap Cheap Wall Stickers (2)
The idea I have now is to have one side of the wall in my living room painted sky blue. Then I will buy white colors wall stickers in the shapes of clouds and birds, and paste them on the wall to create that blue sky feel. Love it! As for the other walls, I haven't thought of what pattern I want yet. Sometimes, looking at the pictures of these wall stickers advertisements gives me some inspiration. ^-^

4. Floor Chair
Floor Chair
These floor chairs look so comfortable and modern! I wanna put them beside my sofa. It will make my living room a lot more cozy and when there are guests, there's also more place to sit. There are many different colors, patterns and materials to choose from, the back rest is also adjustable and I can sit or lie on it. Price of the floor chair is also not expensive, the cheapest type costs just S$26.90!

That's all for now. Will post again when I find other online cheap household stuff I want!

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