Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Foodie in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The foodies that first came to my mind are Belgian chocolates and Belgian waffles.

Belgium waffles are round in shape. Some shops sell square-shape waffles but I didn't tried those because I was told that the real Belgium waffles are those round-shape ones. According to our free-walking-tour guide, the real Belgium waffles dun have any toppings, it's just honey or sugar glazed. Those that have toppings like chocolates, ice cream and fruits are called "tourist waffles".

I am not a waffles person but we actually had 5 waffles in the 3 days when we were in Brussels. I dun even think I ate 5 waffles in a year when I was in Singapore. That's how yummy Brussels waffles were. All the waffles we had, regardless we bought it from a shop or from a van selling waffles, they were all served hot, smelt really good, crispy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside. OMG! The thought of it makes me wanna drool.

Honey-glazed Belgian waffles.. Sweet with the fragrance of honey and waffles.. 

Here's a "tourist waffle", topped with chocolate sauce. It was yummy too. The chocolate sauce was not too milky, not too sweet and very smooth. Nom nom.. I miss Belgian waffles..

Brussels, mussels.. It rhymes? Anyway, we saw many restaurants selling mussels. Erm.. But eating in a proper restaurant in Brussels are a bit on the expensive side. So we, the giam giam couple, found a road side stall that sells seafood. We were first attracted by the cooked seafood fragrance that lingered in the air. There're many people around the stall, all waiting for their orders.

After a long wait, our orders were finally here.

Although this grilled fish dun look appetizing, it was really yummy.

The mussels were really fat and juicy. The mussels were cooked with white wine sauce, simply delicious. Oh, the bread was free!! Hahaha.. Of course must take!

Another food I have to mention is Belgian fries. Our free-walking-tour guide told us that french fries should be called Belgian fries because Belgians were the first to eat fries, not the French! Ohh.. We didn't know about that. Even though I am not a fries person but since Belgians were the ones who started eating fries, we should give it a try.

The fries were quite yummy, they're big, fat potato sticks, not those thin thin kind we had at fast food. Look at the amount of mayo they put on the fries, that's super fattening. There were many other types of sauce to choose from, but some sauce we never hear before and dunno how they taste like. So to play safe, we chose mayo la.

Brussels is quite an international hub. We found many Asians foodstuff there, and we were super happy, machiam found our long lost friend like that! Lolol.. These were the stuff we found in an Asian supermarket.

豆花!It's been more than half a year since I last ate 豆花! Btw, the price of the 豆花 was 2.65 Euros, not the 5.30 Euros. Dun be mistaken. lolol.. 


2 full racks of instant noodles! Got Nissin, 出前一丁, 康师傅 etc, it's been so long since I last saw so many types of instant noodles liao.. Haha..

 Lor Mai Kai!

They're selling joss sticks! I was like O.o..

This was the first time I saw 灯笼 and this kind of 扫把 in Europe! Happy belated 中秋节!

We were so tempted and bought these stuff. We would have bought more if not for the flight limit. We giam giam ma, so we took budget airline to fly to Brussels and didn't pay money for checked-in luggage. Yeah, gonna try to cook Laksa, Thai green curry, Tom Yum soup and Hainanese chicken rice in Italy. Lolol..

For our dinner on the first night in Brussels, we ate this..

叉烧, 油鸡, 烧肉饭! OMG! Long time no eat this liao. The eatery name is called 唐人街. The 叉烧, 油鸡, 烧肉 were really good, comparable to Singapore standards. We were so touched to eat such nice 叉烧, 油鸡, 烧肉, and we teared as we ate. Lolol.. Eh.. Never tear la but it's true that we felt overwhelmed seeing these Asians stuff and had such yummy Asian food. No exaggeration on that ah.

But this wanton soup that we ordered was quite disappointing..

On our second night, we had our dinner at a Thai restaurant.

OMG! Curry! Didn't have such nice curry for more than half a year liao. The curry was similar to Singapore's taste. Drool...

Tom Yum soup. Its taste was similar to what we had in Singapore but less spicy. It suits me as I always find it too spicy when I had Tom Yum soup in Singapore.

Phat Thai that had mussels, clams and hei bi (虾米). Hubby said it's quite funny to find these stuff in Phat Thai. Hahaha. But overall, it's still quite good.

Oh.. I am drooling while writing this post.. Gonna stop now and go have some food.. Love all the food I had in Brussels! ^-^

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