Monday, 2 September 2013

Foodie in Cannes..

Lemme start this post with the lousy food we ate first. Bitter first then sweet ma, save the best for the last.. Haha.. Okay, we ate a very yucky omelette at Cafe Roma along Palais Des Festival that was 'chao ta' and tasted bitter, cost us 6.50 Euros somemore! It's the first time in my life that I had a bitter omelette. Omelette cooked by my hubby definitely tasted 100 times better.

This was it.. Yucks!

Other areas of Cannes were not that atas already lah. But we didn't really spend much time in other areas, except that we chose to have our meals at restaurants around the Cannes train station area because the food was much cheaper as compared to the food served in Palais Des Festival.

And there's a really good restaurant just opposite Cannes train station, La Meissouniere. The waiters were friendly and one of them was really handsome.. Heeheehee.. Okay, talk about the foodie now.. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking..

Escargots.. It's pipping hot, smelt great and tasted great! 

Foie gras.. Need me say more? Real yummy.. Even the bread was toasted to perfection.. haha..

Steak.. Nicely grilled but we shouldn't have asked for medium-rare.. It's a bit too raw for us.. It'd be perfect if we had asked for medium instead.

This was the best dish! Duck breast with special sauce. The meat was tender, skin was crispy, sauce was so yummy.. Oh my, I'm drooling now.. Hahaha..

Profiterole as dessert.. 

Au revoir! For now.. ^-^

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