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Roma: Many many Piazzas and the Free Walking Tour

The first thing I had to say was to recommend the B&B that I stayed in Rome! Rhome Terminal Guesthouse. It was super clean, the bed and pillows were comfortable, the TV was pretty, the toilet was spacious, it's just 5 minutes walk from Roma Termini and it was reasonably priced! We got it at 144 Euros for 2 nights! Oh, before I forgot to mention, it was located on the 4th floor.

The main entrance by the road side. Gotta press on the door bell and the reception of Rhome Terminal will open the door for you. After check-in, guests will be given the key of this main door, so there's no need to ring the door bell after that. Oh, another thing to note. As it's a guesthouse, there won't be staff at the reception 24 by 7, so if you are arriving for check-in later than 7 pm, you gotta inform the guesthouse prior to your arrival so that the staff will wait for you.

The modern lift that brought us up to level 4.

Reception area..

Our room..

We were given breakfast vouchers as the breakfast was provided by a cafe next to them. Breakfast includes coffee or tea, a slice of cake, yogurt and fruit juice. 

Okay, enough of the guesthouse haha. There're really many Piazzas in Rome. Piazza ah, not Pizza, different okay? Piazza is something like a square, I think. Usually, a Piazza is a big area with some monuments and water fountains in that area. Below are the main Piazzas in Rome.

1. Piazza Repubblica.

We took this picture from across the road. One thing about the roads in Rome, it's super duper wide and there's no lanes drawn on the road. So we're always blur when crossing roads in Rome.

Santa Maria Basilica. Supposed to be one of the attractions there.

2. Piazza Venezia

It's huge and magnificent! There're 2 guards standing at the left and right of the statue in the middle. Dunno what this building is for though. But it's pretty so we took pictures. Hahaha.

3. Piazza Navona

Some column in the Piazza, dunno what it represents too. 


4. Piazza Dei Popolo

A column in the Piazza. Woo.. Got Egyptian symbols on it.

5. Piazza Di Spagna

The water from the fountain was drinkable. We were told that water from the taps we saw around Rome were all drinkable! 

A column again.. At Piazza Di Spagna..

We followed a free walking tour starting from Piazza Di Spagna. In fact, almost all the free walking tours in Rome start from the Spanish Steps in Piazza Di Spagna. The guide told many stories and history of Rome, which I will not elaborate here. Below are some websites of the free walking tours in Rome. - No prior booking required - No prior booking required - Prior booking required and booking fee of 2.50 Euros
Oh, before I forgot. Gotta wear clothes that cover the shoulders and knees in order to enter churches during the walking tour. Otherwise, bring a shawl to cover those parts of the body when entering the church is also feasible.

Our free walking tour guide..

Such taps were seen everywhere in Rome and they're drinkable water..

Another column we saw during the free walking tour..

Ceiling of a church.. So exquisite..

 Exterior of the church..


So crowded inside Pantheon.. Btw, just for info, Pantheon closes at 7pm.

The interior of the Pantheon was lit up by this single hole at the top of the dome. The guide told us that the hole was there so that there's no barrier between Pantheon and the sky. So what happens when it rains? There's drainage on the floor in Pantheon.

Last stop of the free walking tour, Trevi Fountain. It was super duper crowded at Trevi Fountain. I dun really know what were those people staying there for. We didn't stay long there because of the crowd. We just took some pictures and left. For your info, the guide did ask us to beware of pickpockets at Trevi.

That's not all for Rome. Check out the next post on Colosseum, Pallatine and Roman Forum ^-^

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