Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Being away from Singapore..

Being away from Singapore for more than half a year, there are times when I felt happy that I'm not in Singapore but there are also times when I hope that I'm in Singapore.

I hope that I'm in Singapore when there're family or friends gatherings and they send me pictures of the gatherings and the food they eat. I do miss the outings with family and friends a lot because over here, I hardly have any friends that we can hang out together. There's only my hubby here. In fact, my hubby also misses his family and friends gatherings. So ya, both of us miss meeting our friends and family la. It's quite bored that everyday you meet and see the same person right?

Other than family and friends, the other time when I hope I'm in Singapore is when I see pictures of Singapore food in my Facebook or Singaporean bloggers blogging about food. I felt my saliva dripping when I am looking at the food photos or posts. Hmmm.. I can only imagine I'm eating it.. Nom nom  nom..

Another thing I miss about Singapore is shopping! I'm a 'giam giam' (stingy) gal, so I miss shopping at Bugis Village, miss online shopping at some blogshops and also Qoo10! There're so many cheapo daily necessities to buy from Qoo10! There's no Gmarket/Qoo10 website for Italy and they dun ship to Italy. There're other online shopping websites in Europe but there're expensive, for my standard. Oh, and I recently saw the Budget Barbie video and there's flea party every weekend at Lucky Plaza! The clothes and dresses there were selling for like, S$3, S$5, S$8, S$10! There's also outlet shopping at Anchorpoint, where shops like Billabong, Charles and Keith, Cotton On, Pedro etc. sell their merchandise at cheaper price. Oh, this ignites my urge for cheapo shopping! Lolol..

But.. I also often see Facebook posts of the heavy rains in Singapore and the "once in 50 years" flooding, coupled with those 'Monday blue' posts like 'Monday blue and it's raining, I have to drag myself out of the bed'. I felt really glad that I am not in Singapore and the best is, I dun have to worry about Monday blues! Come, say you envy me! Lolol.. Okay, I should stop it! My good life left 4 months nia.. :'(

There're also days when I saw Facebook posts of the super hot and humid weather in Singapore, and I am also happy that I dun have to endure that. I love 4 seasons, because I can wear different types and styles of clothes like jackets, boots, leggings etc. throughout the year. I dun have to always wear that boring t-shirt/spaghetti/tube-top with shorts/skirts and slippers/flats for the dunno how many years as long as I am in Singapore. I have tried wearing my Guess jacket in Singapore and I was sweating like mad even before I stepped out of my house and I decided to take it out. I brought the jacket out with me, hoping that I would feel cold in shopping mall so that I could wear it, but I never used it at all. I also tried wearing boots when I go out in Singapore and my feet sweat like hell when I go home, and there're those people who will ask you "Wah, what's the occasion today ah? Wear boots leh!" =.="""

Other than the weather, what make me feel really glad that I am not in Singapore are the crowded MRT, MRT stations and shopping centers. And of course, part of the crowds are not Singaporeans. That day when I was Skyping with my mum, she was shocked when she went to Chinatown that she totally felt that she was in China. In my mind, I was @#$%%$##!

Hmm.. Although we miss our family and friends in Singapore, but the thought of going back to Singapore and being force to squeeze the train/bus seriously turns us off. We look at the price of a car here in Italy and the price of a car in Singapore, we are like WTF! Being not wealthy force us to squeeze the so-called "first world" public transport lor. Sibei Xian..

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