Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rome: Colosseum, Pallatine and Roman Forum.. Skip the line!

A must-visit place in Rome is the Colosseum. We were super happy that we bought the Colosseum tickets online, because the queue to buy the ticket was super long. We walked all the way into Colosseum with the long queue beside us. That was a 'shiok' feeling!! Hahaha. Below is the website to buy Colosseum tickets, the tickets we bought include entrance to Pallatine and Roman Forum as well.

The Colosseum was huge and ruined. It was kinda hard for me to imagine that it was once grand and magnificent. It was the stage where the knights, soldiers, criminals or beasts fought/killed each other, and the king and spectators viewed it as some form of entertainment. The museum of Colosseum showed what happened beneath the stage, what happened on the stage and what were the spectators doing while watching the show. I must say I was amazed by the design of the stage. What we saw in concerts today where the performer was raised from the basement of the stage actually happened thousands of years ago! As much as I was intrigued by the design of the Colosseum, I couldn't imagine what kind of sick people were those who loved to watch people fought, bled and died. It was said that the loser in a fight had to die, unless the King decided to spare him. The funniest thing I heard in the museum was that perfume was sprayed around the King so that the bloody smell would not reach the King. Wakao! Wanna watch such sadist show, dun wanna smell blood. I seriously think those Kings were some kind of a pervert. Anyway, I'm glad that such bloodshed entertainment was stopped.

Those ruins in the middle which formed an oval shape were the settings beneath the stage.

These were the ropes and stones used beneath the stage to raise the 'performers' up onto the stage.

This picture shows what were the spectators doing (top picture) and the settings and mechanisms beneath the stage (bottom picture).

This was carved by a spectator while watching the show. It should be a 'performer' that the spectator admired.

Picture of cutie hubby and the Colosseum

Next, the Roman Pallatine.. Nothing much leh. Just a bunch of ruins. There're descriptions telling us that the sites were once rooms of the nobles. But it's too ruined that I really couldn't imagine at all.

Last stop, the Roman Forum. If I didn't remember wrongly, it was a popular market place back in the Roman times. Now, it's just ruins and we just blindly take pictures of the ruins.. Hahaha..

There's a water tap in the ruins! It's much appreciated to have cold, refreshing water on a hot, summer day! 

I really cant imagine how this was like back in Roman times.

After walking from Colosseum, to Pallatine to Roman Forum, we were exhausted and hungry. There's no eateries or cafes around the Colosseum area. There're only those trucks that sold sandwiches, snacks and drinks, and it's expensive. We bought a sandwich for 5 Euros and it tasted really yucky, we couldn't even finish it. Bleah!

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