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Cc cream/cushion/compact

I saw advertisements about cc cream on Qoo10 appearing in my emails almost everyday, and the selling point of the cc cream is "skin care and make up all in one". The advertisements say that applying the cc cream will correct the skin tone and cover the pores, thus giving you a natural and smooth skin. It also has moisturizing effects and UV protection. I was thinking, "Woah.. That's what I want leh. Real anot?" So I went to check out the Qoo10 sites that are selling cc cream. In this post, I will list down the few which have pretty good reviews and I think is reasonably priced, base on my standard.

1. Etude House
Link to Qoo10: Etude House Cc Cream
Etude House cc cream has UV protection of SPF 30, PA++ and comes in 2 types, silky or glow. The cc cream is in tube form with net weight of 35 grams. It's shown in the advertisement that when the cc cream is squeeze out from the tube, it's white, milky color. It changes color to beige as you apply it to your skin.
The website also sells Etude House bb cream, which has UV protection of SPF 30, PA++ and comes in 2 types, bright fit or cotton fit.
In my views, I felt that the UV coverage was not sufficient. I wanted to find SPF 50 with PA+++, because I read that for maximum protection from the harmful UVB rays, use skin care that has SPF 30 to SPF 50, depending on individual's daily activities. But I kiasu la, if I can find SPF 50 and not very expensive, then of course I buy SPF 50 lah. As for protection from the harmful UVA rays, PA++ is not sufficient. Products that have the 3rd + usually contain zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide, and these are the chemicals that will help to block out the UVA rays, so I wanna find PA+++ UV protection skin care products lor.
If.. If ah.. I were to buy from Etude House, I will choose to buy the silky cc cream because I read from reviews that the glow one might make the skin look as if it 泛油光 (oily face). I want smooth and natural skin, so I will choose the silky one. I also read from the reviews that the coverage of the cc cream alone is not very good. For better coverage, use it together with the bb cream.
There's time sale price now so the cc cream is selling for S$8.99, free shipping some more. As for bb cream depending on whether you want bright fit or cotton fit, the price is S$2 different between the two. Cotton fit is the more expensive one.

2. The Face Shop
Link to Qoo10: The Face Shop Cc Cream
The Face Shop cc cream is in a compact form. There are 2 types of cc cream, Face It Aura Cc Cream and Face It Aqua UV Cc Cream. Both have 2 tones, bright and natural.
The Face It Aura Cc Cream only have UV protection of SPF 30, PA++. It says that it will give bright, clear, illuminated make up, and it has anti-wrinkle, whitening and sun protection functions.
The Face It Aqua UV Cc Cream has aquatic cooling effect to the skin and it has higher UV protection of SPF 50+, PA+++. It says it also has anti-wrinkles and whitening effect.
Frankly speaking, I dunno what's the difference between the 2 except that the Face It Aqua UV Cc Cream has higher UV protection. So of course, I will choose the Aqua UV one.
I quite like The Face Shop cc cream. The packaging is quite special. It's a compact with a hole in the middle which will dispense the cc cream. Use the given puff to dap on the cc cream and then apply onto your face. According to the reviews, the coverage for this cc cream is quite good, there's no need to apply bb cream anymore. Just apply the cc cream and maybe just some powder, and you are good to go. The reviews also say that the cc cream gives a natural look. I think I'm likely to purchase this one.
It's more expensive than the Etude House as it's selling at S$18.90. But from the reviews, this one seems better, so I'm gonna give it a try. But I not buying now, I still in Italy, buy liao also can't receive the product. I'll buy it when I am returning to Singapore. Hope the price doesn't change (of course I dun mind if the price drops la)!

My Review after using it: 
What I like about it
The fun and interesting packaging
The good sunblock of SPF50+
The coverage is quite good

What I do not like about it
I feel that it is too dry for my skin
At the end of the day or after I sweat, my face looks cakey
After using it for a while, the container gets quite messy and dirty

Overall, I don't really like the feeling it has on my face, especially because it's too dry for me and the cakey feel. So most likely I will not purchase it anymore. Will probably try out Laneige BB Cushion next.

3. Laniege
Link to Qoo10: Laniege Bb Cushion Laniege Water Base Cc Cream
The Laniege Cc Cream is water base with UV protection of SPF 36 and PA++. Generally, I think water base products are better for the skin, as they're more moisturizing, not sticky, won't clog the pores and also easier to wash off. But the coverage of this cc cream is quite sheer according to the reviews. For better coverage, it has to be used with the Laniege bb cushion.
I am also quite interested in the Laniege bb cushion because the cushion design looks fun to use and it has UV protection of SPF 50+ and PA+++.
Hmmm.. But both are quite expensive for my budget leh. The cc cream itself already cost S$30.40, the bb cushion cost S$24.99 (additional S$5 for the compact cover). Hmmm.. KIV first and wait for sales. Lolol..

4. Makeon
Link to Qoo10: Makeon Cc Cushion
When I first saw this, I have doubts because I have never heard of this brand before. But the price attracts me to continue looking at this product. It's selling at S$13.90 for 1 cc cushion with the compact cover, 1 additional refill and 2 puffs (there's additional shipping for S$5.60 -.-).
It has UV protection of SPF 50+ and PA+++, with medium coverage. Okay, that's what i want but the reviews say that it's a bit oily and gives the skin a healthy shine. Hmmm.. I personally dun like my face to be shiny, not even healthy shine. I want a matte skin. So, I'm giving this a miss.

That's all for this post! Will post reviews after I buy and use the cc cream/cushion/compact! That will be like 3 months later -.-''.. Ta-ta.. For now..

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