Saturday, 15 November 2014

Wedding Banquet!!

This is a belated belated belated post of my wedding banquet. Realised I forgot to publish it! -.-''

After the morning part of our wedding day ended, we proceed to Swissotel Fairmont to rest for a few hours before the dinner starts. But hubby and I didn't get to rest at all, we were enjoying the scenery and getting hype about the spacious bridal suite for a while.

 Woohoo.. TV in front of the bathtub.

Then we started to check if everything was in place and busy writing the scripts for our speech for the banquet. Before you know it, it's already 4 pm and the hotel served our food.

I ordered sandwich with fries and hubby ordered seafood hor fun. Both dishes were surprisingly delicious! Especially the hor fun! There's also a cake given to us, I remembered it was quite yummy, but we were too hectic that day and we didn't take a picture of it before it's gone!

Shortly after we were done with the meal, our parents came, and my MUA came as well. Hubby started to get dressed to go for the briefing with the hotel manager on the banquet arrangements. What about me? Sat in front of the mirror and let the MUA dolled me up! That's the good thing about being the bride, just leave the other chores to the groom and you just need to stay pretty on your wedding day! LOL..

After an hour or so, it's photo time in my bridal suite!

At around 630pm, I proceeded to the reception lobby to meet hubby and the guests.

Just a few days before our wedding, we decided to have a 2-hour photobooth during the reception so that guests could take photos together and bring the photos which were printed on our designated wedding picture home. We were glad that we made this decision and it was not expensive. We engaged 3Pixy and this was how the photo template look like.

Finally, after a series of phototaking, chatting, laughing, it's time for us to march-in. Hubby and I have already almost used up all our energy for the day by this time.

See our shag look outside the ballroom before march-in

While marching in, it was joyous that friends and families sitting along the aisle helped to throw the flower petals. But hor, throw into the air can a not ah? Got dunno who throw the flower petals in my face and I nearly ate the petals and the petals subsequently dropped into my gown and got stuck at my breast, so uncomfortable! o.O

Okay, so after cutting the cake, I was ushered to be seated at the VIP table for just 10 mins. Before I even managed finish eating my portion of the cold dish. The banquet manager came and invited hubby and I out to prepare for second march in liao!!

Some information for bride-to-be, usually the MUA will leave after they have finished your make-up, hairdo and helped you wear the bridal gown. If you wanted them to stay and help you with your second outfit or help you do a different hairstyle for the second march-in, you will have to pay them separately, unless you have negotiated for it in the first place. 

I have requested that my MUA stayed and helped me with my evening gown and a different hairstyle, and paid an additional $200 for that.

My second look: Princessy..

After presenting the speech which we just wrote in the afternoon, it's time for 'face cramp'. We smiled for the next one hour plus going from table to table taking photos. At the end of it, I'm already seeing stars. O.o We were so happy when it's finally the last table!!! 

But... That's not the end, shortly after the table photos, desserts was served and we had to stand at the ballroom entrance to thank the guests for coming and say bye bye to them. Oh my god, I didn't know shaking hands could make a person giddy. During the process, I realised my brain could no longer think and I could only reply "Thank you" and "Bye bye", and smiled.

Look at how shag we are at the end of everything. Even my fringe dropped! Hair spray also not powerful enough! Lol..

At the end of this post, 
we would like to thank all the brothers, sisters and emcees for helping out. It has been a tedious day, not only for us but also for you guys! 
Thank you papa, mama and family members for the support given to us during the preparation of the wedding! 
Thank you all the guests for attending our wedding and making it a joyous day for us! We hoped you enjoyed yourselves too!
Thank you the photographer, Dick, videographer, Christopher from Forest Productions and MUA, Lili. Without you guys, I couldn't be the pretty princess that day and these awesome photos and videos would not exist! 
Finally, thank you hubby!! For handling all the arrangements that day, and Jiajia can just stone and be the pretty princess without worrying anything!


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