Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Restaurant week: Zafferano

During the restaurant week (25 Oct - 2 Nov), we made a booking to have our lunch at Zafferano, which was located on level 43 of Ocean Financial Centre.

Very professional service staff and the food was delicious. But as expected, one bottle of mineral water cost $10++. Okay, a bit xian that we paid this price for water. Wonder if they serve free tap water?

The bread served was delicious and they refilled it for us when we finished the first serving. 
Bread is free! 

Carpaccio of Wagyu beef, portobello mushroom salad, parmesan cheese, mustard dressing.
The salad goes well with the cheese and beef. Delicious. 

Leek and potato veloute, rosemary bread croutons
It's a soup. That's about it. We didn't really like the taste of leek. 

Home made tagliatelle with jumbo prawns, marinated tomatoes with mint, lemon essence.
Prawns is huge and fresh. There's also bit size prawn meat in the pasta. The sauce is just tomato based sauce with prawn flavour, the mint and lemon taste was negligible. Overall, it was a delicious dish.

Slow cooked Iberico pork belly, cameralised red apple with thyme, berry sauce.
The meat was tender and the skin was crispy, eat it with the cameralised apple and the berry sauce will help to reduce the greasiness. However, we still felt it was too greasy if one person finished the whole plate.

Creme brulee, seasonal berries
The creme brulee was delicious but the strawberries was quite sour. Nice finale to the meal. 

After the dessert, the waitress asked if we would like to have tea or coffee, without mentioning that it was not included in the set menu. The way she asked gave us the idea that the tea/coffee was included in the set meal. Sadly, it was not, and we paid an additional $14++ for a cup of tea and a cup of coffee. We are totally upset about paying additional $24++ for drinks (mineral water + a cup of tea + a cup of coffee)! I would like to suggest that the waiter/waitress should at least inform that the tea or coffee was not part of the set meal as we would not have ordered if we knew about it.

The good thing about dining at Zafferano is taking a walk outside for a view of Singapore cityscape from level 43.

A picture in the lift before we leave.

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