Thursday, 20 November 2014

Japan Trip: Foodie in Tokyo

Ramen Stall

On our first night in Tokyo, it's already 11pm after checking in our hotel but we were hungry so we went out to look for some food. We chanced upon a Ramen shop that's still open and there's quite a number of people inside.

There are many such Ramen stalls in Japan. After we entered the stall, we ordered and paid using the vending machine. The vending machine issued us a ticket indicating our order. We then gave the ticket to the staff and sat down. 

The words on the vending machine were all in Japanese and there's only a few very small and blur pictures for us to refer!! Lucky hubby have learnt some Japanese before and we were able to order the correct Ramen set we wanted.

The ramen set we ordered consisted of a bowl of chashu ramen and a small bowl of rice with pork. One set was already enough for the 2 of us, and it only cost us 850 yen! Most eateries in Japan provide free flow water. So the price was just 850 yen nett! No stupid ++ whatsoever!

This tasted like Lor Bak Png! Yummy!
Our yummy cha shu ramen set!


The next morning, we had Yoshinoya for our breakfast. I don't really like to eat Yoshinoya in Singapore because it's not nice leh. But the standard of Japan's Yoshinoya is better and it's cheaper than the price of Yoshinoya in Singapore. It's really worth trying.

Counter seat layout in Japan's Yoshinoya
The delicious pork set
The beef hotpot set which was not as delicious as the pork set
 Takoyaki Museum

There’s a Takoyaki museum located at the upper floor of the Deck Beach Shopping Mall in O'Daiba. We of course have to give it a try! With big chunk of Tako in the Takoyaki and generous serving of dried bonito flakes and mayonnaise, it's one of the nicest Takoyaki I've ever eaten!

Tonkatsu Don

We went to the food court in Aqua City which was located in O'Daiba. We were hungry, so we just chose a stall and tried the tonkatsu don. It's super delicious! The pork cutlet was crispy on the outside, while tender and juicy inside. The egg sauce was so tasty!! 

Standing Sushi Bar

We were shopping in Shibuya when we heard our tummy growling. Just nice we saw a standing sushi bar with reasonable price and we went in. Unlike the standing sushi bar in Singapore, the guests in this sushi bar really have to stand and eat. Free flow green tea was provided. 

Theme restaurant - Maidreamin

We chanced upon this Maid restaurant when we were in Akihabara, it was located on the third floor of a building near to the Akihabara station. Do note that Maidreamin charged an additional fee of 500 yen per person per hour. If you wanted to stay longer than 1 hour, additional charge applies. We only knew about this additional fee after we went in and sat down. We were quite xian having to pay the additional fee.

They have a set meal which was quite pricey but you get to take picture with the 'maids'. Anyway, we ordered ala carte. They have this cute little hand sign and song which we have to follow them to do when they served the food. The food did not wow me, it just tasted quite okay.

Foodie at Asakusa

Along the shopping street at Asakusa, there were stalls selling Japanese snacks.We tried the fried mochi bun. Hubby ordered the sesame flavour, while I ordered the red bean flavour. The different flavour is just the flavour of the mochi bun, the filling were all red bean paste. It was quite tasty.

Walking along the side streets of Asakusa, we saw some eateries and decided on this one.

We were so glad that we ate here because the food was really delicious!

My minced raw tuna rice. I think this is one of Japan's local specialty, saw quite a number of eateries selling this. It's yummy, but not for people who don't like to eat sashimi.
Hubby's super delicious tonkatsu don. The pork cutlet was perfect and the egg sauce was soooooo tasty!

Another Ramen stall

On the typhoon night with strong rain and wind, we just went in a small Ramen stall shortly after we came down from the escalator at Tamachi station to have a bowl of piping hot Ramen. Again, thumbs up to the Ramen soup.

After being in Japan for a while, we realised something: 
Anyhow walk into an eatery, the food also delicious one wo!

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