Monday, 10 November 2014

Greeting from France!


La Teste De Buch, France will be my home for the next 2 months! So happy to be away from work, away from the hot and humid weather, away from the crowded and squeezy city!

It's a peaceful little town and is around 45mins drive away from the big city Bordeaux. After I touched down at Bordeaux airport on Saturday, hubby brought me around Bordeaux. The historic part of Bordeaux was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city has a nice bridge across the river and the 18th century architecture situated along the river.

The barge sailing on the river is carrying a wing of the A380. Dunno where is it going to head to though.. 

The foreground is a shallow pool of water which hubby said that when there's no wind, and thus no ripples in the water, it will become a mirror which will reflect the architecture 

After walking around for a while, I'm quite tired. Jet lag i supposed? And hubby brought me back to All Suites La Teste Appart Hotel. We have a 1 bedroom apartment which will be our home for the next 2 months.

And on Sunday, we found the La Teste weekend market. It's like pasar malam in Singapore. You can find sweaters and jackets that cost 10, 15, 20 Euros here.

Inside the Marche Municipal building is a market, where they sell seafood, fishes and some stalls selling cooked food and wine.

This is the stall which we tried their raw oysters and stir fried squid. Their business was super good. Being new to the place and with communication problem as we dunno how to speak French, we wasted some time stoning there, not knowing how to order. It was until a auntie who speaks English told us that we gotta get the attention of the staff to order the food! There's no queue whatsoever! And after she's done with her food, she kindly called us and let us takeover her seat.  

Fresh grade 4 oysters, not very big. But it only costs 4 Euros for 6 raw oysters. 

These squids were yummy. Tasted like teppanyaki squid though. 

Bruschetta with ham and a cup of soupe champenoise. Hubby initially thought soupe champenoise is mushroom soup (soupe champignon). Turn out it's a fruit cocktail! lol..

We drove further down and saw several of such seafood wholesale centre nearby, and there's several oysters farm along the road to the marina as well.

Okie, that pretty much sums up my first weekend spent at La Teste De Buch!

Au revoir! (Pronounced as oh-ruh-vwar) French sibei cheem...

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