Friday, 14 November 2014


Watched Lucy on the in-flight entertainment on my way to France. When I first saw the trailer in cinema, i thought it was quite an interesting movie on how powerful the human brain is when put to full use.

However, after watching, I can only use one word to describe the story: crap.

It seems to me that Lucy is a selfish person who only cares about how the CPH4 drug will have an effect in her body. She can even just shoot the person lying on the operation bed just to get the surgeon operate on her to take out the bag of CPH4 drug.

She does not care how many innocent lives are lost, how many accidents she causes, how many police are injured or dead just because of her. Since she has such huge power, shouldn't she just kill the Korean boss and settle the gang first before she goes and looks for Professor Norman instead of letting the police deal with the Korean gang and get so many people injured and killed.

The last part 'WOW' me even more when her body became a black substance and subsequently, disappear into the thin air when her brain power reached 100%! And oh, did I mention that the Korean boss did not kill her immediately when he saw her? He still have the luxury of walking a few steps while pointing his gun at her until she disappear then he shoots.

The final sentence Lucy said was "I am everywhere". Wow, so she became invisible and floats in the air when her brain power reach 100%?

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