Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Japan Trip (Hokkaido): Love Hotel Experience in Asahikawa

Love Hotel in Japan was quite an interesting experience. If you just need a room to stay for the night, no harm trying Love Hotel as the price is quite reasonable. However, during the day, Love Hotel charges by hourly rate.

The only troublesome thing is you cannot leave the room without paying and you cannot leave your luggage in the hotel. We had a rental car, so we left our luggage in the car and brought the necessary stuff that we needed to the hotel.

Outside each Love Hotel, there's a board indicating the price.

We parked our car in the Love Hotel car park, even the car park provided privacy for the guests by having curtains for each parking lot.

There's no receptionist at the reception counter, everything's automated. When we walked into the Love Hotel, we saw a panel with screens showing the available rooms.

The panel was touch-screen. We chose the room number we wanted, and proceeded to the room. The room will be unlocked once it's chosen. Do remember to bring all your stuff in when you enter the room because once you close the door, it will be locked.

There's this machine in the room just beside the door for you to make payment. After you have made the payment, the door will then be unlocked. Payment can be made using using cash (notes and coins accepted), or cards.

We loved the facilities in the room!

The room was big and spacious, and there's mood lighting control. The bed was so comfortable too! And err.. a handheld massager was provided in the room.

There's a large flat screen TV with Karaoke system! But the songs were mostly in Japanese, there were only a few English songs. The room's soundproof so dun have to worry about disturbing the neighbours if you wanna sing KTV in the middle of the night! Lol. Of course, there're a few adult channels available for free.

The toilet provided all the stuff required to wash up. Not only body wash, shampoo and conditioner were provided, make up remover, facial foam, face toner and moisturizer, shaver, shaver cream and even panty liner were all provided as well!

They have a Jaccuzzi tub with a TV in front of it. Shiok!

And an elaborated bidet system with flushing sound effect! Lol.. Initially I didn't know what's the flushing sound effect for but after discussing with hubby, I think it's to cover the sound if the "business" you're doing in the toilet is too loud. LOL!

We checked in at 9 pm and checked out the next morning at 11 am, and used the machine to make the payment.

There're hot and cold drinks free for guests to drink at the reception area.

Hee, we will want to stay in Love Hotel again the next time we visit Japan!

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