Thursday, 20 November 2014

Japan Trip: Tokyo

We bought the air tickets to Tokyo via Singapore Airline website during their promotion, just $638 per person to fly to Tokyo on SQ. Great deal! I know Singapore Airlines always have promotion around mid year. So keep a look out and save for your holidays!

Byebye SG! Yippee!! I'm always excited and happy to go overseas!!
After a 7-hour flight.. Konnichiwa!!

We arrived at Haneda International Airport and were going to take the Monorail to Tokyo city. We bought the discount ticket which consist of the Monorail ride to Hamamatsucho station and then, changed to the Yamonote Line (the main JR line in Tokyo) to our destination for 500 yen per person. Otherwise, just the Monorail ride to Hamamatsucho station already cost 490 yen per person. Tickets can be purchased at the ticketing machine located in the airport. If you don't know how to buy the tickets, there are very polite and friendly staff who can help you.

In the Monorail
The Yamanote JR TRain
Train is the easiest and most convenient mode of transport in Japan. I know taxi is also very convenient, but a taxi ride can easily burn a big hole in your pocket! A 20 minutes ride cost us 4000 yen!

We spent 2 full days in Tokyo and stayed at Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo Tamachi which was located just 5 minutes walk from Tamachi station. There were unlimited sample size of Shiseiso facial toner and facial scrub, shower caps, bath salts of various flavours and tea bags at the hotel lobby for guests to take! We love such generosity!

Our small toilet
Our small bed with the sleeping robes provided
Oh, did I mention that I never need to use my own pyjamas in Japan because every hotel provides robes for hotel guest!

We have 2 full days in Tokyo and these were the things we did.


O'Daiba is a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man made island in Tokyo Bay. We took the Yurikamome Line from Shimbashi station to O'daiba. One way ride on the Yurikamome Line cost 320 yen, while a one day pass cost 820 yen.

The Yurikamome train ticket looked cute!
The Yurikamome Line passed through the famous rainbow bridge and after a while, we reached O'Daiba.

Tokyo Trick Art Museum

Our first stop was to visit the Tokyo Trick Art Museum located in the Tokyo Beach Island Mall level 4, and we alighted at O'Daiba-Kaihinkoen Station.

There was long queue at the trick art museum but the queue moved quite fast. After around half an hour of queuing, we bought our tickets! Admission fee was 900 yen per adult.

Before entering, the staff at the trick art museum explained to us how the trick arts worked and gave us ideas on how should we pose with the pictures.

This was super cool. You can't see the effects from this photo but the houses were actually protruding out of the picture and it gave different views when looking at it from different angles.

Sadako coming~

Wah! Battle the shark!
Ahhh!! Elephant's big fat foot!
Let me out!
Ahhh~ My hat..

Toyota Mega Web

There was a Toyota exhibit at the Toyota Mega Web. On the way, we saw a history of cars display, pretty much like the automobile museum we went in Turin, Italy, but at a smaller scale.

At Toyota Mega Web, many Toyota cars and Toyota future concept vehicle were displayed. The exhibit also displayed some technology that Toyota is currently developing and also an area for visitors to experience the technology.

There were many shopping in O'Daiba, we saw Hello Kitty shop, shops selling various cakes and pastries that looked so yummy and pretty, and many apparel shops. You can easily spend a day in O'Daiba!


The first thing that caught our eye when we reached Shibuya station was the famous crossing!

And of course lots and lots of shopping! You can find most of the big brands here.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Located in Shinjuku, it's actually quite a long walk from Shinjuku station to the Metropolitan Government Building. Nonetheless, it's worth going there as it's free, it's very rare to find a panoramic observation deck that do not charge any fees.

Night life at Kabukicho

Since we were already at Shinjuku, we decided to go to Kabukicho, the famous red light district, to take a look.

There were people there targeting at single males, trying to erm, get them into the pub or into some building which has posters of scantily dressed ladies. There were many internet cafes which has sound-proof private room for guests, hmmm.


It's a heaven if you are into computer and camera stuff. Cameras and its accessories were significantly cheaper than Singapore. Hubby bought a tripod and some camera lens there and we were able to claim tax refund on the spot! Awesome!


It's a popular temple in Tokyo with a shopping street that sells Japanese souvenirs, Yukata and local snacks.

When we were there, it started to rain and there were news of Typhoon Vong Fong approaching later that day. Xian. We braved the rain and walked down the street to the temple.

In search of a Love Hotel at Love Hotel Hill at Shibuya

While waiting for the train to Shibuya, we saw a train with this sign. I thought it's a good move to protect the females.

The Love Hotel hill was located behind Shibuya 109 building. We were strolling in the rain to look for a love hotel for a short stay.

Then, some one told us that the typhoon was approaching and we might not be able to go back to our hotel if we were to spend the next 2 hours in a love hotel. Awaken by her words, we then noticed that the rain and wind got stronger as time went by. We gave up the love hotel search and proceeded back to our hotel. Lol! Nonetheless, we had our love hotel experience in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in the later part of the trip.

We had initially planned a day trip to Hakone and Mount Fuji, but we cancelled the plan due to the typhoon. That's a reason for us to plan for a trip to Japan again soon!

Oh, how could I not talk about food when I'm in Japan? See the food we ate in Tokyo here!

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