Friday, 2 August 2013

Il Ragazzo Di Campagna

It's a restaurant in Gallarate Italy, around 10 minutes walk from our apartment. We saw good reviews of this restaurant in Tripadvisor and we decided to try it out.
The first time we wanted to have our dinner there, we didn't make a reservation and there's no table for us. So this time we made a reservation before going. There're not many tables in it, so I think it would be safer to call and make a reservation before going down.
The coperto (cover charge) at Ragazzo was 2 Euros per person. This was considered a normal price for coperto in Italy. But at Ragazzo, they served a small glass of white wine each, a basket of bread, a basket of fried bun, some ham and at the end of the meal, they also served us some cookies. All these were included in the coperto, which made the coperto totally worth it.
The restaurant

The complimentary fried bun and ham

 The cutie pig wooden plate.

We ordered Escargots, horse steak and gnocchi with prawns and cheese. 
The Escargots tasted so good. It was so nice with the delicious taste and smell of butter and herbs.

We tried the horse steak. It tasted like beef, just that it's a little bit tougher than beef..

This was the best dish.. Gnocchi with prawns and cheese.. The sauce had so much seafood taste in it! It was simply delicious..

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