Friday, 30 August 2013

Country within a country (Part 3): San Marino

I am quite surprised to find that there's another small small independent country within Italy. It's Republic of San Marino.

The car plate has it's flag on it! Cool..

Outside the historical center of San Marino, there's totally nothing going on. We thought that we've wasted our time to travel all the way here, but once we reached the historical center, it's totally a different feel! The historical center of San Marino is located on the top of a hill, it was cooling and the views were amazing.

Me happily taking panorama..

The walls..

Tower built on the cliff.. Beautiful..

We had our lunch at a restaurant with very very ordinary food. I can't even remember the name of the restaurant liao. All I remembered was the really sweet and tasty San Marino Moscato that we had. We can't find that moscato selling at any shops :'(

After lunch was some shopping around the area. Oh, shopping in San Marino was great because it's tax free! But there's no boutiques of the big brands here. Sob sob. There're shops which sell limited items of these big brands though. You can get quite a significant discount if you find a bag that you like in these shops. For example, I saw this Gucci bag in one of the shops in San Marino. It was selling at 1050 Euros in Italy Gucci boutiques, but the shop owner was able to sell it to me at 850 Euros.

Walking around the area, we came across some buildings and architecture, we just took pictures of them even though we were not sure what were those buildings.. Hahahaha..

San Marino guards..

Yep, that's about it for San Marino..

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