Friday, 30 August 2013

Country within a country (Part 1): Monaco

We first went up to Monaco-ville, the old town of Monaco, and grab some food first.. Haha.. We were hungry.. We trusted Tripadvisor and seached for No.1 in Monaco Ville..

The price was a bit on the expensive end.. This was the lunch price, dinner's more expensive..

Hubby ordered the Branda Cujun De Stockfish A Ma Fason.. Dunno what that means, we only know the word 'fish'. We had expected it to be a fillet of grilled fish but it came in this form. The fish was mixed with mash potatoes.. It was just normal. Given the price we paid, we thought it was overpriced.

I ordered Coutre Filet De Boeuf "Black Angus" Rucola/Parmesan Again, I dunno what that means but it's black angus so I ordered. Hahaha.. And it was pretty good! The beef was tender and yummy, served with the salad and cheese, I felt not so sinful eating it.. Hahaha..

After having lunch, it's time to walk around Monaco-ville and we arrived at a place where we could enjoy the views of Monaco bay.

Palace of the prince of Monaco

Some church we saw on Monaco..

Musee Oceanographique.. It's listed as No.1 things to do in Monaco-ville on Tripadvisor and this was the long queue outside this attraction.. Seriously, this is the first time I saw such long queue for a museum or aquarium.. So we thought, it must be amazing!

Erm.. turned out there's nothing much inside. Showed some bones of oceanic animals.. Can't really remember what other things was exhibited as it was too crowded and we didn't enjoy ourselves there.

This was one of the more interesting facts I saw there. It showed how many people each type of animal/insect killed per year in the world. So it's telling us that sharks are the least harmful among these and I think the message that they wanna bring across is to stop killing/hunting sharks?

So many people in the aquarium.. Block our view..

Again.. so crowded..

We were quite bored there as it's no difference from any other aquariums we went before except for the exhibits of the bones of the ocean animals. But there's really good views from the Musee Oceanographic as it's built on the cliff of Monaco Bay.

Done with Monaco-ville and we proceed to Monte-Carlo, the Atas shopping area, casinos and a real exhibit of luxury cars.. I guess we're more interested in this than the Ocean museum..

No, we dunno that guy in the picture.. Just some random guy.. 抢镜头..

Cool number plate

This convertible Rolls Royce was openly showcased outside Hotel De Paris.. Okay.. "Shut up and take my money!" 

 Porsche side by side

Convertible Bentley

Mercedes Benz is small fry here..

We didn't go into the casinos because we were dressed quite 'lok kok' with slippers, shorts and top. Other than these luxury cars, we saw many rich people in Monte Carlo. I think they were rich people lah, because I saw them buy Chanel and Hermes bags without considering. They just grab and walk to the counter, machiam shopping at Pasar Malam. -.-

Okay, I totally get this..

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