Monday, 19 August 2013

Cursed that idiotic Gypsy bitch!

A Gypsy bitch pick-pocketed my hubby's phone while we were boarding the metro at Milan Centrale Metro station.

My hubby put his phone in the back pocket of his berms. We boarded the train, and the bitch pick-pocketed the phone and ran out of the train just before the train door closed. She stood at the platform and gave my hubby that innocent look. But we couldn't do anything as the train started to move.

My hubby could feel someone touching his pocket when the bitch picked it. But it was already too late for him to run out of train.

We reported to the police after we alighted at another stop. But there's nothing the police could do. Okay, we just sucked thumb.

Anyway, lesson learnt is that these people aim for the pockets as it's the  easiest for them to target and pick. I think as compared to the big bag (big size longchamp bag) that I was carrying, they have doubts about what  rubbish (clothes,  cosmetics, umbrella) was inside and they wouldn't know which part of the bag to find the valuables. Unless, of course, they decided to snatch the whole bag or they've been spying you for quite some time and know where you put your valuables..

Anyway, these are really horrible people. They've no idea or rather, they dun really care how important the information in the phone would be important to the owner. All my hubby's contacts, our photos,  emails and other important information in the phone are with them now. I'm quite scared that a horrible stranger has so much of our information and I dunno what would they do with it. I just hoped the phone died once she picked it. But shit! There's still the sd card in the phone.

I seriously cursed that Gypsy bitch..

On a side note, just to warn everyone who will be or have plans to visit Milan or other big cities of Italy. When you are at the metro station buying tickets at the ticketing machines, there's always these people loitering around appearing to be helpful to help tourists buy the tickets. But when the machine return your change, they will just snatch the change and there goes your money. So we always prepare exact coins so that there's no change for them to take, and they just suck thumb lor!


  1. Its horrible getting pick pocketed, especially a phone, contacts and everything lost! Shame the police were useless!

    Lorraine xx

    1. We felt really helpless and upset when the police just gave us the "We can't do anything" look, and all the information in the phone is now in the hands of these horrible people. :'(